Friday, February 02, 2007

Mary Cheney Speaks Out

I think the Vice President is being a big pussy by not condemning homophobe chatterbox James Dobson and his Focus on the Family organization, and hope Mary Cheney will make a statmentent as well. I get this feeling that he and grandma are not as hateful on gay issues as they sometimes appear to be. Maybe some day we will read it in a Cheney memoir / book. Some Republicans get it -like Barry Goldwater, or Gerald Ford. I wish both were still around today. Barry Goldwater would be rather outspoken and a good PFLAG coach for VP and Grandma Cheney.

If Wolf Blitzer is so out of line to mention the whole thing, isn't it highly hypocritical Mr. VP to shut Blitzer down on CNN but not go ballistic on the source of the publicity -- James Dobson and his organization. I think my conservative parents would suggest that Mr. Dobson go f*&k himself, but then they are not so uptight about my gayness. More Hypocracy.

...and Mary Cheney and Heather Poe will be just as good at parenting as Rev. Rick Scarborough of Texas based Vision America - I guarantee it!

Excerpt from New York Times News Service - link to full article

She then gestured to her middle--a bulge disguised by a jacket--and asserted: "This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate by people on either side of an issue. It is my child."

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