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Gay Texan Dies from Bashing

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Plea over Gay Village 'killing' in Manchester England
story by Seb Ramsay

FAMILY and friends of an American who died three years after a brutal assault in Manchester's Gay Village are appealing for help in finding his attackers. Martin Salinas was left paralysed down one side with brain damage after he was stamped on and kicked near Essentials nightclub in Bloom Street.

Though 39-year-old Martin, who was living in Stockport, responded well to treatment and was able to move back to his family home in Texas, he died from a seizure last week.His family say a post-mortem examination showed his death was a direct result of the scarring on his brain caused by the serious head injuries suffered in the attack on May 11, 2003.

Marketing executive Martin had been with friends Maria Carabini and husband James when he was set upon as they headed for the club shortly before midnight. Police investigating the attack were unable to identify the thugs. They studied CCTV evidence, but vital footage from Essential nightclub had already been recorded over as a matter of course. Maria, 46, who is from Cheetham Hill, said Martin's family were devastated by his death, but were also frustrated that no progress had been made in the investigation.

"I had a meeting with police to make them aware of the situation and now we hope it is going to be upgraded to a murder inquiry," she said.

Anyone with informationcall GMP on 0161-872 5050 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

"CREATION 06" postponed by God

Any comments as to why God would bombard Pennsylvania with so much rain they had to cancel the giant "Creation 2006" Concert weekend. Rev. Scarborough? Mr. Falwell? Tinky Winky? Sponge Bob? Sadly, you preachermen are mighty quick to blame us "sodomites" every time a hurricane, fires, or swarm of locusts falls out of the sky.

I'm thinking that our God has constructed a slightly twisted but very elaborate and beautiful Rapture which is both "Christian" and "Family focused. Also, we are VERY READY to assist you preachermen in any way possible if you have the ability to push up your big Rapture Event.
If s, get on the horn with the big guy fast. We've had enough of you here - and are glad to see you go! Hallelujan! Praise Him!

Speaking of "Rapture", I know that God has been taking notes and watching you people for years, and he isn't too happy! With a large team of gay men choreographing his Rapture* and lesbians constructing the massive set, God may have a huge surprise in store for you an dyour flock. Off you'll go just like in the videos -ascending peacefully - only to find yourself screaming as the light turns to a darkness and God himself decides to "Stay Behind."

Regardless of the outcome, please do not expect God to reward you for the years you spent spreading misinfomation and lies bout us; your mean spirited badgering and violence, dishonesty and lack of human or for UNChristian, badgering, hate speech, and exclusionary Gospel of Hate.

The Press Release below may be a signal from the Big Guy for preachers fueling hate here in Texas.

Northeast schedule for June 28 – July 1, 2006 postponed until June 27 – June 30, 2007.

Creation 2006 Northeast schedule for June 28 – July 1, 2006 postponed until June 27 -30, 2007. This difficult decision has been made after much prayer and consideration. Due to the large amounts of rain that have fallen in the past 48 hours and the additional heavy rain fall that is expected this week, festival Administration, in conjunction with local Emergency Management, have concluded that the grounds are not safe for Creation attendees. Creation 2006 Northeast tickets will be honored at Creation 2007 Northeast. Additional information will be posted on here shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you. Be assured that this decision has been made for the safety of all attending. We appreciate your continued prayers for the Creation Festival and its staff and look forward to joining together in 2007. Pastor Harry ThomasFestival DirectorRomans 8:28

Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Nation Divided

Considering the fact that they ("christian fundies")advocate that we all take our children OUT of public schools and instead "home school" them - why push this one and waste even an hour of Congressional time in DC?

It is very hard at times to understand how people identified as "Christian" do nothing each day except push for a global Christian Theocracy and gay bash people with no interest in what you are preaching. So, Despite the struggle many of us deal with in order to hold on to our faith, and even though I am wondering if your God is the same as all the rest of our God's. Ever wondered that your constant push to add you beliefs everywhere into our socieity maybe results in strike back legislation to slow you down, and stop your hate.

Pledge of Allegience &"Under God" Facts never discussed by the superchristian organizations:

Little Known Facts in the Pledge of Allegiance / "Under God" Debate:

"The words "under God" were not added until June 14, 1954, thanks in part to efforts by religious leaders from the Knights of Columbus, as well as the Hearst Newspapers and the American Legion, who were "worried that orations used by 'godless communists' sound similar to the Pledge of Allegiance." Reciters of the original Pledge of Allegiance, until December 1942, saluted the flag in a straight arm salute. This arm motion was eliminated by Congress in its revised Flag Code during WWII because of the similarity to the Nazi salute. The U.S. Pledge of
Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a socialist editor and clergyman. It was not officially endorsed by the U.S. government until 1942 "

Washington D.C. July 2006 [Press Release Received by Email from FRC]

Today, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement after House passage of the Pledge Protection Act by a vote of 260 to 167:"I am pleased to see Congress exercising its constitutional authority to check the power of the courts which have tried to strip 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance. "The 9th Circuit showed itself to be clearly out of step with both the American public and the spirit of the Constitution when it banned 'under God' from the Pledge in public schools.

Nearly 90% of Americans believe 'Under God' should remain in the Pledge and that students should be allowed to recite the pledge. However, the threat from crusading atheists and activist judges will not cease until the Pledge Protection Act is signed into law.

"The Pledge Protection Act will help restore a system of checks and balances intended by our Founding Fathers. We continue to see attempts to remove any acknowledgement of God from the public square. If the Pledge falls under the attack of liberal activists and their judicial accomplices, we can expect our nation's motto and other historical inscriptions to fall as well."We urge the U.S. Senate to act promptly and adopt this measure before the August recess.

Our overburdened courts will be more effective when they focus on areas of genuine dispute and cease tampering with first principles on which the American people are united."

Life & Liberty For All Who Believe

"Life and Liberty for All Who Believe" is a powerful, 28 minute video documenting the birth of the Moral Majority. This video, produced by People for the American Way in 1982, shows actual footage of the politicization of what has become the dominionist movement. (edited 2004)

If you don't have a broadband connection, go to

View this Video. It is amazing stuff.

Scarborough's Theocracy

Be very alarmed that Rev. Rick Scarborough and friends are not the poor "persecuted Christians" as they claim. They want a theocracy in America. Iran is a Theocracy, we do not want to be living in a theocracy run by these preachers who hate. The theocratic right wants a Christian Nation, something that was not the intention of our forefounders.

Hello, Rick? Separation of Church and State is a Good Thing. My family fled from Scotland due to religious extremism. I am not sure where we might go to get away from fanatics like you and the others spreading the Gospel of Hate in America.

Thomas Jefferson Letter To Danbury Baptist Association:

"Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God....I contemplate with solemn reverence that act of the whole American people which declared their legislature should "make n o law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" thus building a wall of separation between church and State."
President Thomas Jefferson 1802

Friends of Rev. Rick

Posted here are some photos of the friends of Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America. Several are in East Texas. Several are not "friends" of Vision America, although they may share many of the same goals and dreams at night. (KKK, Aryan Movement, Vision America)

Everything I read coming out of Rev. Rick Scarborough is mean-spirited and hate driven. I am completly over it. I am insulted to read in his book that gay people (a high %) eat and play with feces. Why can't you just leave gays and lesbians and transgendered people alone to live in America without you in our business. We want nothing to do with your World, your church, your life, or your children. We're not changing and have no desire to be "straight" like you. If you propose that we be jailed or exterminated from this Earth because we are gay then we suggest you spend more time on the firing range with the local militia. We have no plans of just "going away" - sorry.

How might we assist you "tribe" in pushing this Rapture End of the World thing up sooner? that you will be beamed out of here to your perceived "Heaven" -we'll stay here and enjoy the World without you people. We'll throw some big ass parties with our community of friends . The Mormons have already expressed interest in Hate Mecca Colorado Springs and plan to make it a nice place again some soon. Get that Rapture pushed up Rev. Rick. Could you discuss the possibility with Jerry and Pat and get back to us?

Your Gospel of Hate is very nasty Vision America. Please, tone it down.

Stop lying about who we are . Stop thinking you know more about us than we do. Stop assuming you know more about medicine than physicians. Stop writing books full of false statistics. Stop assuming we might want to be anywhere near youafter this impending Rapture Event. Stop assuming we are all Christian. Stop telling our good parents they did a bad job. Stop saying that Liberalism Kills Kids. Stop advocating that judges be "removed" in whatever way God sees fit. Stop the child abuse of Home Schooling. Stop trying to convert us to Ex Gay. Stop filming our events and parties to spread your hate message. Stop telling youth that abstinence is the only option. Stop Demanding the Ten Commandments Be in Government Buildings. Stop inviting Bigot Preachers to Your Events. Stop allowing books to be sold in your church calling for jail or death sentences for the "Sodomites" Stop Your Hateful and Mean Spirited Campaigns of Intolerance, Exclusion, and Hatred. It is unAmerican and not very Christian.

Gospel of Hate Group Rally Features Rev. Rick Scarborough

The Rev Fred Phelps Baptist Family Picnic 2006. Fred Phelps is a creep - sad that the 'Religious leaders" only started screaming when he picketed the funeral of a soldier. They were no where to be found when he showed up to torment the parents of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.
Gay Teenagers Murdered in Iran (2005)
Religous Extremism of all Types is a bad thing for our World. The United States Bush government does very little or nothing to Stop These Murders in Iran and across the Mideast and in Africa. These are human rights issues - not gay and lesbian issues. Sad

Bigots Unite for Photo Shoot.
The Judge was the Honoree at a Ten Commandments Event organized by Rev. Rick Scarborough in Alabama. The other guys is an old East Texas Baptist Preacher WN Otwell. He lead a Christian Cult called "God Said" and marched in Jasper after the Byrd death in order to challenge the New Black Panthers. He proposed that all gays and lesbians be sent to one country or place to be Quarantined, and frequently is with the Phelps Family picket line. He believes that "God uses the white race as leaders," and "the black race ... is a servitude people." He is an ardent separationist and militia supporter. He "doesn't want women to cut or dye their hair, and never wants to see a woman in pants. Otwell described pants-wearing women as "dyke-ish" and "cross-dressers." Why would Rev. Rick Scarborough include this person to participate in one of his "rallies?" Possibly because they advocate the same Gospel of Hate.

The Fresh Face of the East Texas KKK. James Roesch relocated from Ohio to Jasper after the Byrd murder. Let's hope he moves soon - he has obviously not been very well received in Jasper, Texas. It is hard to get a job when you are uneducated, stupid, and wear your KKK gear around town. Must be slim pickings over at the KKK when a nineteen year old is elevated to the title of Grand Dragon Wizard Whatever Title.

Two Years Later Jasper Builds A Legacy of Racial Harmon by E. Bauer <FULL STORY>

While the Panthers and the media are long gone, James Roesch, a skinny 19-year-old imperial wizard of the KKK from Ohio, has moved to Jasper, and locals are worried that he wants to make trouble.

Much to the embarrassment of whites, he has shown up at school board and local Democratic committee meetings dressed in Klan attire. "In general, the whole community would be happy if he moved away from here," said Pamela Sterling, a desk clerk at the Holiday Inn where Roesch gives media interviews about the Klan. "Surely he is only going to be able to reach the ignorant and illiterate: No one else would listen."

He isn't popular with his in-laws either. "If he got away from the Klan, I'd have more to do with him," said Hubert Letney, whose daughter married Roesch in a Klan ceremony last year. Letney now worries that his daughter and her 3-month-old baby will be hurt due to Roesch's activities.
"I was fired for my views," said Roesch who lost his job as a machine operator at a lumber company three months ago. Unable to get work, he now augments his wife's waitress earnings by sewing Klan robes and golfer Payne Stewart-style knickers for "my own small apparel business."

He declined to have his photograph taken, citing the publicity that got him fired -- a magazine photographed him standing beside James Byrd's grave.Roesch won't say how many Klan members are in Jasper. "Our organization is going underground and keeping a low profile," he said. Roesch is disliked only because he embodies the discomforting knowledge that racism still exists, "but we all know that most racism isn't done by men in sheets," said Diggles of the Deep East Texas Council of Governments. As founder of the new multicultural church, Diggles believes the services will further heal race relations.

Lyons of the Ministerial Alliance agreed but added, "Our prayers are for unity, but we've always got to keep our eyes and ears open."

And James Byrd Jr. is not forgotten. His resting place continues to draw those seeking racial harmony. A letter left on his grave recently by a Colorado woman promised that he hadn't died in vain.
"Being here has renewed my commitment to always teach tolerance, understanding, harmony and peace," she wrote.

Illegal Abortions Soon

Every month George Bush does another stupid something which blows me away.

No worries this month, he is on vacation in Texas - - again.

Why is George Bush going against the advice of physicians (real "Dr's") and their professional organizations as shown below, and pushing legislation which is harmful to women and kids and America? I am sure that the chart on the left will do a 180 turn for the worse. Stop listening to all the "DRs" who graduated from unacredited Christian colleges - they are not the experts!

When will you start to listen to physicians and their organizations, and not religious right wing groups. Just watch this chart on the left do an about face once pregnant teens are cock blocked by the fundie preachers on this issue -leading to higher suicides again. Suicides are bad enough, but the young girls forced to deliver a baby are sent to the back of the line in terms of future opportunities and education. The Gospel of Hate Group members like Scarborough and Robertson and Dobson are literally killing us.

RE: THE LEGISLATION Major medical groups including the American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Physicians, and the American Public Health Association – have long opposed mandatory parental-involvement laws because of the dangers they pose to young women and the need for confidential access to physicians.

Full Story:

Senate Puts Punishment Before PreventionVote exposes political motivation behind Child Custody Protection Act, as anti-choice senators reject realistic ways to prevent teen pregnancy
Washington, DC — Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, called the Senate's passage of the so-called "Child Custody Protection Act" an irresponsible action that will do nothing to protect young women's safety or improve family communication. This divisive and controversial legislation would prohibit any one other than a parent—including a grandparent, aunt, adult sibling, or member of the clergy—from accompanying a young woman across state lines for abortion care if the home state's parental-involvement law has not been met. "The passage of this bill will have a chilling and dangerous effect on our most vulnerable teens. We all agree that teens in trouble should talk to their parents, and thankfully, most do. However, if they can't, for whatever reason, we want them to be safe," Keenan said. "This bill will serve only to isolate young women looking for help.

The American public wants teen pregnancy prevented, not punished."Keenan also noted that anti-choice senators' votes against an amendment that would help prevent teen pregnancy exposes the true political motivations behind this bill, which, like the gay-marriage ban, has been on the right-wing's "to-do list" for some time now.

Anti-choice senators defeated an amendment offered by Sens. Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats from New Jersey, that would have funded programs to prevent teen pregnancy and help parents talk to their kids about tough topics like sex. "Tonight's vote shows that Sens. Frist and Ensign, in collusion with their anti-choice colleagues, are not interested in preventing teen pregnancy or protecting young women in difficult circumstances," Keenan said. "That's the only reason they could reject more funding for teen-pregnancy prevention programs. Voters this November will remember which senators stood up for commonsense and which ones caved to the extreme far-right anti-choice pressure groups."

Contact:Ted Miller, 202.973.3032

Condoms Work!

Wicked Witch Is Dead!

Even Ms. Tom Delay is a crook. Regardless of whether or not it was illegal for the Hammer's friend Ambramoff to hire Ms. Delay and pay her $115,000 to (literally) do NOTHING, it is simply corrupt, dishonest, and one more embarrassment for the GOP.

What will happen of all the Delays' employed as lobbyist now that the "Wicked Old Witch Delay Family" has fled the Lone Star State? The most insulting thing is that you (Ms. Delay) were gallivanting around DC speaking on "Christian Values" and the importance of the Bible in your life. You stink you wicked old witch. Lucky thing the job was so fraudulent because I can not imagine how you would have made it to work considering you had all those Bible talks and "Christian Values" speeches and lunches with the Stepford Wives over at the Concerned Women of America. You should repay your $115K salary Ms. Delay by sending a check to your favorite charitable organization.

Ms. Delay, you win our "Wicked Old Witch" Award for the month of August. Share it with Tom, please. Tom is a leader amongst the Wicked Old Witches in America spreading hate.

BUHHH BYE Tom Delay Family - Don't hurry back please!
Wicked Witch Clip>
this is an audio post - click to play
TO THE DELAYS>>>There's no place like home, but no one in Texas wants you back.
RICK SCARBOROUGH>>>Do you still believe that Tom Delay was only a target of the anti Christian folks looking to further their "War on Christians" ? Absolutely not! Mr. Delay is an arrogant, homophobic corrupt politician. I hope he goes to jail. Wasn't it a sign early on when you learned that your buddy Tom was kicked out of Baylor University in Wacko?

Witch Is Dead

Tom Delay's American's For A Republican Majority PAC is officially CLOSED! Every time I hear that Delay has run into more bad luck, I have to play my "Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead" Wizard of Oz clip. It just goes so well with Tom Delay in the news lately.

Rev. Rick Scarborough seems to think that Delay has been "persecuted" because of his strong "Christian" "Values" Hopefully the Federal Election Commission, IRS, and others have loooked into Vision America's Form 990's and Financials - because Delay most likely helped Rev. Rick Scarborough with the set up of "Vision America Mobilized, Inc."

All this Delay talk makes me wonder how the lefties War on Christians is progressing? "Poor old persecuted for being a Christian Tom Delay" "Poor old Mrs. Delay (who should be either in jail some day or shunned from existence for claiming to be such a good Church lady while accepting a high dollar job from Abramoff - a $115,000 job that required here to do absolutely NOTHING!

Under an agreement with the Federal Election Commission, Americans for a Republican Majority's political action committee agreed to pay a $115,000 fine and close. The agreement, reached July 7, was made public late Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thanks GLSEN

Imagine the number of young GLBT identified kids who dig themselves farther into the closet and are more afraid to come out. The constant press and harrassment of the "family focused Christian organizations" is so shameful, damaging to youth, and not helping the GLBT suicide statistics either probably. Some of the crap coming from Focus on the Family is especially mean spirited, and not so very "Christian" . Gay Straight Alliances are important for GLBT students.

Full Story Here:

Despite the growing number of gay kids who come out in high school, still a
great majority do not feel safe at school. A new poll released Tuesday -- the
first of its kind -- shows their concern may be well-founded.
Ninety percent of LGBT students polled (vs. 62
percent of non-LGBT teens) say they have been harassed or assaulted in just this
past year.
The startling results come from a Harris Interactive poll
conducted on behalf of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).
"From Teasing to Torment" is the first national survey on bullying in American
schools to include questions about anti-gay harassment.

Vision America Form 990s

Why does Vision America not list their Form 990's on their website, Rev. Rick Scarborough. We realize you don't want your "Patriot Pastors" to see your big salary, but at least tell us where all the money is coming from, and why it is going out to the same people who are in courts and in the press (Delay, Abramhoff, etc.etc.) A few questions come to mind about Vision America and their "ethics."

  1. Is Cult leader Rev. Moon financing Vision America as reported?
  2. If your not run by the Cult, then where is your funding coming from? Indian Tribes?
  3. How involved was your friend of God Tom Delay in organizing Vision America?
  4. Does Vision America pay for "consultants" to write your books for you?
  5. Did you buy your own plane with leather seats or something last year?
Form 990's can be hard to find sometimes - especially by quack non profits with something to hide. Check out Charity Navigator, etc.

Coming Soon:

2003 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2002 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2001 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2000 Vision America Form 990 -PDF
1999 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
1998 Vision America Form 990 -PDF

Real Family Values

Saw this Keith Haring File in my computer today. Thank You Judy Shepard. You are an amazing mother.

Preachers Who Lie #2

The American Family Ass'n is just a little upset that Wall Street asked Parents and Friends of Lesbians & Gays to ring the closing bell last month? Yes, it was historic! Yes, the numbers are based on real research from real experts! Real parents showing love for their children just rang your bell AFA.

If this is not the case AFA, then why does PFLAG, GLSEN, HRC, etc. all have so many MAJOR corporate supporters and sponsors, while none of you so called "Christian family groups" have even one? You poor ol "persecuted Christian associations" with all your millions of dollars...And you can't even get the invite to "ring the bell" on Wall Street. Obviously corporate American knows the value of good consumers, good research, good employees, and brand loyalty. Maybe they too are tired of your natstiness.

And by the way, you will not be asked to ring the closing bell on Wall Street when you continue to harass, email bomb, and announce ridiculous boycotts every a company that does anything you consider to be"gay friendly." I call it smart marketing. You boycott Ford, and I am running out the door to buy my new Volvo. You boycott P & G, and I' m buying ten extra boxes of Tide tomorrow. Considering all the millions of dollars and people you guys have brainwashed, the underdone you spend so much time hating are cleaning you clock, and ringing you bell. I'd suggest you get used to it, and STOP your gay hate campaigns. (AFA, TVC, CWA, Exodus, Eagle Forum, Vision America, Jerry, Pat)


More AFA Lies> June 29, 2006

Wall Street Weak The New York Stock Exchange is going along with a sad
display by PFLAG. This homosexual support group has been invited to ring the
closing bell tomorrow on the Exchange. PFLAG is touting the buying power of
homosexuals and their supporters. According to a PFLAG press release "The
purchasing power of the GLBT community is estimated to be a massive $641 billion
today with projections reaching $1 trillion by 2012." Homosexuals are known for
exaggerating their numbers. But what really stands out is their desire to have
it both ways. They cannot cry discrimination and claim to be an oppressed
minority and then tell Wall Street, "By the way, we're an economic powerhouse."
Some of these pro-homosexual companies may soon have their bell rung by the tens
of millions of Christians who increasingly recognize the assault on our faith,
our values, and our families. My friend Don Wildmon of the American Family
Association is leading a boycott of Ford Motor Company for their anti-family,
pro-homosexual policies. Don's efforts persuaded me to buy a Chevy pickup over a
Ford. Eighty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian and the
vast majority opposes same-sex marriage and the homosexual agenda that many on
Wall Street are promoting. We would do well to remember that we not only speak
with our lips, but sometime we speak louder with our wallets. I would encourage
you to visit Don's website and find out more. Additional Resources
American Family

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God is Great...

"You pray to our God or we kill you"

  • A. Somali Muslim Leader?
  • B. Rick Scarborough, Vision America?
  • C. Moral Majority Statement?
  • D. Proposed Addition to GOP Platform

How far will the extremist fundamentalist preachers go in America before we start to scream back. In Georgia they did. Maybe Ralph Reed is the beginning of a new movement of people in the World who are also saying "Enough is Enough" you mean spirited bunch of so called "Christian" leaders. We have had it with your lies and hate.

Lets hope the Christian extremist preachers missed this news blurb in the Sunday paper! Their Christian "dominion"view is a global Christian government where gynecologists and gays are put to death or jailed, one with ten commandments in every school, and young little brainwashed homeschoolers out picketing Planned Parenthood. I am not all that certain what they plan to do with all the activist judges, Jews, Muslims, atheists, and other non Christians on the planet. They have no tolerance for anyone different than them. How tragic.

Full Article:,,2-11-1447_1963709,00.html

Somali Muslims warned of death
06/07/2006 11:36 - (SA)
Mogadishu - Somali Muslims who fail to perform daily prayers will be killed in accordance with Qur'anic law under a new edict issued by a leading cleric in the Islamic courts union that controlled the capital.
The requirement for Muslims to observe the five-times daily ritual under penalty of death was announced late on Wednesday and appeared to confirm the hardline nature of the increasingly powerful Sharia courts in Mogadishu.

Sex Changes in Iran

I never wanted to be a woman, really. Most of my gay friends are more masculine than any three national leaders you might pull off any of the so called "Christian Family Association" websites. (Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, Alan Chambers) etc. Maybe these Iranian nuts are using the same fabricated research plans as our USA based groups like AFA, Focus on the Family, etc.

What horrible decisions for some GLBT Iranians I guess. Do I stay and be forced to have my manhood wacked off with a governement ordered "sex change" , or do I get to Canada somehow and stay a man? (you know Canada, up North of us - where the Statue of Liberyy will be moved to soon) , ....or try to get papers and into the USA despite all the pastors who to jail me down the road, or fire me, or restrict my freedoms. Hell, I would be out buying a Parka and Mapquesting the shortest route from Iran to Quebec City. (love QC!)

Our governments lack of response to the murder of gay teens in Iran was totally PATHETIC.

Iran wants all gays to get sex-change operations

Iranian government policies encourage all gays to get a sex-change operation, the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization claimed July 19.
"[The] Iranian government does not recognize homosexuals' rights in Iran," the group said. "They publicly declare that there are no legal limits for transsexuals and legally they can have a transgender surgery. ... They use this as an excuse to deny existence of homosexuals and believe that every one should be a heterosexual man or woman. According to this belief, everyone that has a 'problem' should have an operation and 'transform' her/himself."
After such surgery, transsexuals are left to fend for themselves, PGLO said.
"No social prospect is provided after the operation and many of them have to fall into prostitution in order to make a living," the activists said. "Denial of homosexuals in the country, their oppression and complete ignorance of their rights has caused many homosexuals to live in the worst psychological and social condition which results in frequent suicides, depression and seeking asylum to other countries."
Meanwhile, on July 19, activists in around 15 nations staged public protests, with PGLO's support, against Iran's alleged executions of gay men. The date was the first anniversary of the public hangings of teenage boys Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni in the Iranian city of Mashad -- either because they were lovers (according to local gays and some international activists) or for the crime of raping a 13-year-old boy (according to the government and other international activists).
The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Watch opposed the public demonstrations, saying they've been unable to confirm that Asgari and Marhoni were hanged for being gay. The two organizations staged a competing event the same day in New York City to discuss strategies for dealing with Iran's confirmed abuse and torture of gay people.
Several activists who focus on international affairs claim to have gathered evidence that debunks IGLHRC's and HRW's doubts, but other international activists, and some journalists, remain concerned that the evidence is not conclusive.
In the days before and after July 19, individuals from the two camps engaged in an increasingly vitriolic exchange on public Internet mailing lists, questioning each other's tactics, competency, motivations and allegiances -- at times resorting to personal attacks.

Monday, July 24, 2006

PSA - Stop the Hate

I have a dream Matthew Shepard Public Service announcement

Hilarious Video : Phelps

This is hilarious. Michael Moore takes on Rev. Fred Phelps

VA Parenting 101

HERO: Maya Keynes

You'll frequently find Alan Keyes sharing the same podium with Rick Scarborough at Vision America. Alan is the Christian rights dream ally - black men who have been brainwashed or forgotten what MLK was all about -- like Alan Keyes.

How uncomfortable it must be for a black preacher who fell into the right wing extremist trap to find himself at a "christian family values" rally (for example the ten commandments rally in alabama) sharing a podium with white preachers who have had a past history of association with the KKK (W. Otwell of East Texas), or a Judge Roy Moore who advocates death penalites for gays and lesbians, or a Rick Scarborough who advocates that people bring guns to church, or a Alan Keyes who rants about family values but kicked his own lesbian daugher out of the house and stopped paying for her college, or those annoying "ex gays" who just made the cover of Newsweek after being busted having a beer in a gay bar (John Paulk), and all the other clowns at the circus. The black girl in me is not sharing a stage with a KKK guy, no way.


I am so thankful my parents never kicked me out of the house, or stopped paying my college tuition for UT Austin, or sent me to a conversion camp run by unacredited quacks, or whatever.

My dad is a Christian and is pretty conservative, but not on issues imporant to my civil liberties, my future safety or job accomplishments, my happiness, or my freedom to love as I see fit to love. I wish my great parents could knock some sense into Alan Keyes and show him some parenting 101 skills, how to accept the beauty of the special daughter/child which God created for his family, etc. Personally, I would just have to tell him to stop being an ASSHOLE

Thanks to the Point Foundation who stepped in to help with Maya Keyes' Brown tuition.

FULL STORY at Washington Post
Now Maya Keyes -- liberal, lesbian and a little lost -- finds herself out on her
own. She says her parents -- conservative commentator and perennial candidate
Alan Keyes and his wife, Jocelyn -- threw her out of their house, refused to pay
her college tuition and stopped speaking to her.

Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays
Human Rights Campaign
The Pointe Foundation (college scholarship assistance for GLBT youth)
The Trevor Project
Alan Keyes Renewing America Website (right wing cult?)

Wolf Blitzer Interviews Maya

Amazing how many "Christian" parents kick their kids out of the house or cut them off financially in America. So sad and disruptive, so very unchristian. Despite all that meaness and turmoil, she still states in this interview that she loves her hateful parents, and that comments made by her dad about Mary Cheney were especially awful considering he already knew that his own child was a lesbian. I have zero respect for Alan Keyes. I dont want to be a part of his "renewed America" - he and the wife should are very hateful people.

Preachers Who Lie

Lately I have been just amazed at how stupid some of these national right wing religious extremist preachers have become. If they don't have the information supporting their propaganda and hate, they'll just create a "think tank" with all their millions. Where do they locate physicians who graduated from accredited medical schools who actually think their abstinence campaigns are saving lives? Or, scientists who think that no evolution information should be allowed in schools. This crap is just crazy, absurd stuff.

Where do preachers spreading hate and division in America (like Rev. Rick Scarborough at Vision America) go when they die, I wonder? Do I really want to go to a heaven full of them. Shit, I've already tolerated their nastiness and badgering for years on this earth, in this life.

Here is a good liar busted. Pat Robertson lied about his ability to leg press 2000 pounds, at 76 years of age? ...when the "record" is 665 pounds....

Excuse me, we're just not that stupid Rev. Pat Robertson. Good thing the guy is so damn old - maybe we will not have too many more foot in the mouth stories out of this old liar.
- - - - - -

Click here to read the full story about this wrinkled old Superman/lying millionaire/ preacher/hellbound/extemist --and send it to grannie before she mails the guy another dime.
Nice article By STEVEN G. VEGH, The Virginian-Pilot.

"Robertson’s assertion caught the attention of Clay Travis , a columnist for
CBS’s online magazine, who in a column earlier this week called
the claim impossible.Travis wrote that the all-time leg-press record for football players at Florida State University is 665 pounds less . “Where in the
world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time?” Travis asked.The column evoked a flurry of incredulity and ridicule on blogs."

Bad Republican #1

I voted Republican back when the party was honest and fair minded. Now that the right wing nuts like Vision America's Rick Scarborough of Lufkin Texas have taken over the Republican Party (especially here in Texas) - things just seem so pitiful. Stop wasting our time on flag burning and ten commandments and religious quackery legislation meant to restrict freedom and write discrimination into our Constitution.

This list could get rather lenghty:
Bad Republican # 1 : The Dishonorable Rep. Cunningham

Republican Congressman Cunningham: Thief (Tom Delay might be a good cell mate)

Full Story

Federal prosecutors found that Cunningham accepted $2.4 million in bribes, including payments for a mansion, a Rolls-Royce and a 65-foot yacht, in return for steering defense and intelligence contracts to certain companies. Cunningham pleaded guilty and was sentenced to more than eight years in priso

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gospel on Immigration

Wrap yourself in the flag. Wear red, white, and blue, and bring your handguns! Paint the little childrens faces with "USA" and grab a Bible and head to the Gospel of Hate Rally to Immediately Deport all "Illegals." God Bless America

----------------from the Hillbilly Militia Newspage:
Police breakup Jonesborough immigration demonstration after scuffle between Hispanics and Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen
Published 07/23/2006By Staff report -Kingsport Times-News

JONESBOROUGH - What began as a peaceful illegal immigration demonstration turned briefly physical Saturday morning in Jonesborough after one side charged the other over the presence of a Mexican flag.
Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, a

Friday, July 21, 2006

Theocracy, no thanks

From Christianity Today, a good article on why those proposing the Gospel of Hate may not really want a Theocracy. I don't.

Monday, July 17, 2006

HEROS: The Trevor Project

Facts: Hotling 866-4 U TREVOR

  • Teen Suicide has risen more than 200 % since 1960
  • Suicide is in the Top 3 leading causes of death for young people 15-24
  • Gay teens are three times more likely to attempt suicide as heterosexual teens their age.
  • For every kid who takes his/her life there are twenty who have tried
Warning Signs
  • A tendency toward isolation and social withdrawal
  • Increasing substance abuse
  • Expression of negative attitudes toward self
  • Expression of hopelessness or helplessness
  • Loss of interest in usual sources of pleasure
  • Giving away valued possessions
  • Expression of a lack of future orientation: “It won‘t matter soon anyway.”
  • For someone who has been very depressed, when that depression begins to lift, the individual may be at INCREASED risk of suicide, as she may now have the psychological energy to follow-through on suicidal ideation

If you or someone you care about is showing any of these signs, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone to speak with a trained counselor at The Trevor Helpline (866).4.U.TREVOR.

Gospel on "Illegals"

The Gospel of Hate group is well organized in Lufkin, Texas. Great article by Sean Gonsalves of the Cape Cod Times, including the more than appropriate passage from the Bible. God bless you Sean Gonsalves, you get it. Inclusion wins!

We've added to the Gospel of Hate group list.


“If a stranger (foreigner) sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex
(oppress) him. But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one
born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself (Leviticus 19:33,34).”

Arguing that immigration is a national security issue is both right and
wrong. It's right to the extent that nation-states must have some way of knowing
who's coming and who's going. It's wrong because denying flesh-and-blood human
beings rights given to corporate capital is morally perverse, especially for a
nation that claims to be based on biblical Judeo-Christian values.

SOME DON'T:::::::::::::::::::
When: May 20
Where: Lufkin, Texas
Meet: Pavilion 2 Kuwanis Park

Pro America, America responds will march on May 20, 2006, in Lufkin, Texas we will meet at Pavilion 2 at the Kiwanis Park across the street from McDonalds on Timberland drive. This will be a rally and march so those who cannot march can rally at the park. Our march will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00 pm. Bring comfortable walking shoes if you plan to march and
water. Bring posters, markers and flags if you have them if not we may have some available at the rally. This is a Pro American ) march and we will not tolerate any unclean language or derogatory signs of any kind. (unless they are directed at non christians, sodomites, Jews, Mexicans, "Muddy" people, etc) We are not affiliated with any (hate) groups (except the GOP and Friends of Tom Delay Committee)

Save Our State Home Page: (A project of
We're Real Christians, Inc. )

Gospel of Hate Coalition

Egomaniac [Holy] Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America based in Lufkin, Texas is hopeful that you might help promote him from second-tier pastor to big shot leader of the Christian Extremist Coalition of America. This list could get long, and will always be a work in progress. Email us to nominate your favorite "family values" hero. With that being said, here goes:

Gospel of Hate East Texas Coalition:
Rev. Rick Scarborough, Vision America Mobilized, inc, Tom Delay, Army of God, Rev. WN Otwell, Steve Stockwell, New Black Panther Party, KTBP Kilgore, Council of Conservative Citizens, World Church of the Creator, Gospel Broadcasting Assocation, Nation of Islam, National Alliance, Women of Aryan Unity, Knights of the White Kamellia, League of the South, East Texas Militia, Republic of Texas, William Krar, Judith Bruey, Jack Devault, Lufkins for Life, Council for National Policy, Louis R. Beam

Gospel of Hate National Committee:
Rev. Rick Scarborough, Jerry Falwell, Rev. S Moon, Fred Phelps, WN Otwell, Army of God, New Black Panthers Party, Tom Delay, Gary Bauer, Alan Chambers, KKK, Concerned Women of America, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Agape Press, JudgeMoore, Nation of Islam, Council for National Policy,

"He spoke to me"

Is Ralph Reed speaking to Rick Scarborough at night when the pastor closes his eyes to dream of the big Rapture? Why not also condemn your fellow super-Christian Ralph Reed for his gambling related criminal activities in cohoots with lobbyist Abramoff? Did Mr. Delay hook up Rick with Ralph and Jack Abramoff Indian lobbyist friends holding the checkbook, or what?

I am sure the Indians would have been happy to sponsor this Vision America newsletter because they also hate the thought that grannie might be sitting at home in front of her Dell transferring her life savings to an offsore Casino. You can't blame the Indians for pushing this legislation considering how easy it has been for lobbyists in Bush's Washington.

It is a lot bigger than "Internet Gambling" Rev. Rick Scarborough and "Vision America." It is all your corrupt friends like Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff. You are judged by the company you keep. Scarborough and his friends should stup pushing their "Gospel of Hate" agenda. It is ugly and shameful.

Personal comments from the [Holy] Rev. Rick Scarborough's Vision America newsletter (7/17/2006)

"U.S. House Passes Internet Gambling Ban The U.S. House has overwhelmingly backed a bill prohibiting off shore gambling.While I commend the House for this important piece of legislation, it is clear that America has become addicted to gambling and any real reform that would truly address this egregious assault on American families does not appear to be forthcoming. We often hear of how gambling produces tax revenues which benefit schools and education, but it requires that people lose in order to generate revenues. What a tragedy that we encourage our citizens to become losers in order to increase tax revenues. How far we have fallen. Still, thank you House. Now, on to the Senate."

-Truth Squad

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friends of Scarborough

I am confident that the quotation "you are known by the company you keep" has been the title or theme of several million newsstories and blogs each year. As tired as the statement may be there is nothing more fitting to describe the Gospel of Hate of the [Holy] Rev. Rick Scarborough at Vision America in Lufkin, Texas.

The Gospel of Hate is being pushed by hundreds of individuals across the United States and is being led by the really right wing religious extremists like ex Baptist preacher [Holy] Rev. Rick Scarborough and his Vision America group. The Gospel of Hate page on this blog will be a work in progress. Feel free to email us if we need to add another name to the list.

If Vision America and Rick Scarborough are financed by or involved with the most extreme of the extremists, corrupt lobbyists and politicians, militant speakers and vendors, or crazy racist militia and cult leaders; then Scarborough should expect to see his name in the Press near words like "extremist" and "racist" and an"intolerance"

A few examples of extremism in the Scarborough house of intolerance includes:

  • Former Texas Republican Congressman Tom Delay
  • Alabama "activist judge" Judge Roy Moore
  • Rev. Jerry Falwell and Rev. Sun Myung Moon (cult)
  • Rev. W N Otwell of East Texas (cult)

Go to article below : Southern Poverty Law Center Website

This story is a good piece on East Texas fundie preacher Rev. WN Otwell who is one of the most extreme of the group. The old white dinosaur lives Enterprise, Texas according to his arrest records. Read the article by clicking on the link, you will simply be amazed. What a scary idiot.

Google East Texas and hate groups and you will find a number of colorful characters. Most are hate mongering clowns, militia men, separatists, and anti abortions.

Rev. WN Otwell
God Said Ministries
Mount Enterprise, Texas

Global Warming is a good thing for Rev. WN Otwell because it is slowly helping prepare him for his trip to Hell. He is a tragic old rural redneck-turned-extremist preacher with a very disturbing message of hate towards most everyone. Amazing that only one person in the audience really stood up to the guy. Maybe the people in the audience of this right wing fundie convention were too shocked to speak out against WN Otwell and his followers.

Pants-demonium 'Unregistered churches' activists gathered recently to denounce the government. But it was women in pants who really got their goat

By Susy Buchanan

GREENWOOD, Ind. The 20th annual Unregistered Baptist Fellowship, an
antigovernment gathering held each October near Indianapolis, Ind., draws some
of the country's most radical religious "Patriots." But this year, discussion of
classic villains like tax collectors and federal agents took a back seat to a
much more pressing issue like ladies in pants.

Unregistered Baptists believe the government has no place anywhere near a church,and many of them routinely break the law to prove their faith. In 2001, following a three-month standoff, federal agents raided the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, host of the conference, and seized the church building as compensation for 17 years of unpaid withholding taxes.

It was all part of "Satan's master plan to destroy the Lord's church," Pastor Emeritus Gregory J. Dixon says. The scheduled
highlight of this year's conference, held in a reception hall adjacent to a family restaurant, was to be a speech by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, deposed for refusing a federal court order to remove his two-ton Ten Commandments monument from the Supreme Court rotunda.

The appearance was hyped all week by the presence of Moore's exiled monument on a flatbed truck in the parking lot. But it was the Rev. W.N. Otwell, speaking
before Moore despite recent heart surgery, who really stole the show. Otwell, an ardent segregationist and militia supporter who heads God Said Ministries in Mount Enterprise, Texas, began his opening-night remarks by liberating the women in the audience, one of them dressed as Betsy Ross, for not living a true Christian life. Being saved doesn't make you a Christian, he told them in a voice as powerful and angry as his battered body could muster.

Women were to take care of the home, raise children, and be completely
subservient to their husbands, Otwell lectured. "My wife doesn't need a
head," he shouted. "I'm the head!" His audience was with him. "Good
preaching!" a man yelled as Otwell outlined a holy dress code he claims is based
on Scripture. The Bible, which predates pants by several years, says a "woman
shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man" (Deuteronomy 22:5).
Which means, Otwell explained, that the Lord doesn't want women to cut or dye their hair, and never wants to see a woman in pants. Otwell described pants-wearing women as "dyke-ish" and "cross-dressers."

After holding forth for a full hour, Otwell ordered anyone who felt they'd sinned to come forward to the stage and pray in front of the Plexiglas pulpit. The first one up was Bonnie Kukla, a middle-aged gospel singer with flaming orange hair who sank to her knees in front of Otwell as the congregation prayed. The two women in the audience wearing pants stayed seated. While outside in the parking lot the Ten Commandments monument generated about as much interest as a bowl of coldoatmeal, discussion of Otwell's edict against pants reverberated inside the reception hall. The day after Otwell's anti-pants sermon, Ken Barber, an ex-con who claims to have been electrocuted, showed full support for Otwell's viewpoint.

"The Bible says women are supposed to celebrate their womanliness," he explained to a colleague before taking the stage to sing original gospel tunes and discuss hisprison ministry. Barber made a point of publicly declaring that his daughters had never worn pants a day in their lives, then searched the faces in the crowd for Otwell's scowling approval. One dissenting voice, evangelist Don Boys, later took the stage to criticize Otwell's "haughtiness" and self-righteous proselytizing, and to make a plea for moderation. Boys argued there were more important issues to be discussed than pants — like, say, gluttony, which appeared to be a more common sin among this crowd.

But Otwell was having none of it, and erupted from his seat in outrage. "I maintain my position," he told the crowd angrily. For a brief moment, it seemed that Boys and Otwell would settle the matter with a preach-off, but Boys quickly took his seat, turned his back on Otwell, and effectively skirted the issue. Boys' crusade against obesity didn't catch on, and conference-goers seemed quite comfortable addingwomen in pants to a list of unholies that includes the federal government, abortion providers, the American Civil Liberties Union, communists, "sodomites," baby snipers, smokers, trick-or-treaters, Mennonites, hip-hop, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, policewomen, John Kerry, R-rated movies, the Internal Revenue Servicemorningns and Satan. So much sin, so little time. Perhaps they'll get to gluttons next year. 1 1 -->

Intelligence ReportWinter 2004


Gospel of Hate: Quotations from Rev. W N Otwell of Mount Enterprise, Texas

"You go look in the Old Testament," he said. "God did not mind killing a bunch of women and kids. God talks about slaughter! Don't leave one suckling! Don't leave no babies! Don't leave nothing! Kill them!"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Ex Gay" Myth

The entire "Ex-Gay" movement is being financed and pushed by fundamentalist Christian extremists preachers and their multi million dollar non profit organizations. This Gospel of Hate Group continutes to fabricate information, falsify information, and do whatever they must to push to exterminate gays, lesbians, and transgendered people from this Earth. While claiming to be Christians and family men they push for the laws that restrict the freedoms of a small subsegment of society. At school boards and County government meetings and in the halls of Congress they are well organized and financed. The good people who once were in leadership at the Republican Party have been pushed aside by a new breed of mean spirited and misinformed fundamentalist Christian extremists.

Never will you ever see a Gay or Lesbian person at the door of a fundamentalist Church similar to Potters House in East Texas attempting to "convert" a person as he or she exits the building. They will never stalk your celebrations or health clinics or picket at your funerals and weddings and fundraisers. Gay and Lesbian people respect tolerance and appreciate diversity in our World. We keep the hell out of your churches, your bedrooms, and your trailer parks. We do not understand or desire your straight way of life and we certainly do not attempt to convert you over to ours.

It is really pathetic that the Gospel of Hate Group pushes the Ex Gay movement in America day after day after day. It is hateful and mean spirited, it is harmful to our gay youth, and it may very well be contributing to higher suicide rates in the GLBT community. The hate speech coming from those pushing the Ex Gay movement is shameful and UN-Christian. The Gospel of Hate Group must STOP claiming to know more about our gayness than we do, and should get the hell out of our lives. We do not want you. We do not need you. Go away, please.

If you are the parent of child questioning his/her sexual orientation, or admit that your Church has possibly brainwashed you with false information, check out the Blog "Ex Gay Watch" and pick up a copy of Wayne R. Besen's amazing book "Anything But Straight. Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex Gay Myth"published by Harrington Park Press 2003.

Wayne Besen is the guy who discovered John Paulk (National Ex Gay Leader) singing show tunes in a gay bar one night in Washington D.C. Fortunately, Wayne and friends captured the Kodak moment for the World and the rest is history. You have to wonder how this ex drag queen explained it to the wife - or what his children will be ridiclued with in school some day.

Go to article
If you were looking for evidence of how hard it is to change our fundamental sexual proclivities -- not minor aspects, like a taste for black lingerie, but the deep stuff, like who we're attracted to -- you'd find plenty of it in Tanya Erzen's thoughtful new book, "Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement." Erzen spent 18 months hanging out with and interviewing the members and administrators of New Hope Ministry, which runs a residential program for evangelical Christian men who are "struggling with homosexuality" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Conservative Values?

Was this the guy in charge of Family Values initiatives in the Bush White House? ..or the office of Faith...sad & tragic.

Rick Scarborough thinks it is smart to have guns at church and in the house.

Mothers - Byrd

Exclusive interview with the mother of East Texas' James Byrdwho was dragged to death behind a pickup truck in Jasper, Texas. Stella Byrd raised eight kids including two Jasper HS valedictorians. Stella Byrd is a Christian woman. This series from PBS is amazing work, thanks!

Mothers -Judy

A mother's strength is reflected in this absorbing interview. Matthew Shepard was killed by young people taught to hate. Thank you PBS Houston. This is amazing work.

Like most gay people my World froze as I watched the news accounts about Matthew coming in from Wyoming.

Comment # 1 : Everyone who thinks they do not know a gay person should watch this video. Every mother should watch this video. Every gay person in the closet should watch this video. If you can't pull yourself out of church or away from the picketing at the local Planned Parenthood for twenty seven minutes, then fast forward the damn video to 11:43 and listen for one minute. Thanks so much! Thanks PBS Houston - what a great series you have produced.


Buy A Wristband Now from the Matthew Shepard Foundation Foundation

"New" Black Panthers

If the Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a "Hate Group" - then I would have to say that they are a hate group. SPLC's "Teach Tolerance" Campaign is another "HERO" out there working to make this a better World.

Note that the "New Black Panther Party NOT the same as the original Black Panther Party. The New Black Panther Party seems to also have a lot of leaders who were born in the South in places like Monroe, LA and Houston and Arkansas.) It was the death of James Byrd, Jr of Jasper, Texas that brought them out into the spotlight. Hate is hate. Intolerance is Intolerance. I fear blacks like these guys as much as I fear right wing Christian ministers (with a closet full of Klan gear) advocating that we bring guns to church and put "sodomites" in jail the same way I fear black Christian and Friends of Farrakhan /Islamic radicals like those at the New Black Panther Party.

The military general uniforms they wear is just as scary as the white hoods of the KKK.

My guess is that these guys get more press than they deserve. They all have AOL email addresses and probably had very little organization until they heard the KKK was planning to march in Jasper, Texas after the Byrd murder. Regardless, they are listed as a "Hate Group" in Jasper by the SPLC.

If anyone has a contact person in Jasper, Texas who claims to be the leader of this group, please contact us via this website. We would like to interview you and hear your story. Thanks.

Not In My Bible

East Texas' Big Shot Holy Reverened Rick Scarborough of Vision America is pushing the ultra-right wing Agenda of Intolerance based on their belief that our World is Ending Tomorrow.

Most Christians probably have no idea how extremist these folks are in our Country. Most Christians when presented with information about what they advocate will stop and say to themselves "wait a minute now this is a little crazy sounding and something that is not in my Bible."

The end result of all this constant harrassment and hate speech often results in violence and murder.

When I am home in Texas for a visit, it is not the gay folks or African Americans, or hard working Asian or Mexicans (legal or illegal), or anyone Jewish or mainstream Protestant or Catholic that really worries me.

What scares me more are the fundamentalists like Tom Delay and his only friend the "Holy" Rev. Rick Scarborough at Vision America in Lufkin or the crazy thumpers at Potters House and all those weird little deep in the Piney woods churches with no windows), the Militias and KKK people, corrupt drug dealing elected officials or police departments where more than one African American has been falsely imprisoned or beaten to death.

Great article by F.A. Krift in the Beaumont Enterprise this past few weeks about the arrest of "good Christian gone bad divorcee" Jasper Constable Peters who was arrested last week on drug charges. (Hello......How many times do you allow a "Constable" to be arrested before you fire his ass once for good?)

Tragic story. I am especially afraid of the kids that Constable drug dealer was selling the meth too --often the same uneducated, unemployed little redneck types like the murderers of James Byrd, Jr. Up until recently, Meth was usually more of a redneck white man's drug. In rural East Texas they have a meth pandemic on their hands and are finding little factories everywhere in the piney woods, in houses full of children, in bathtubs, and even in people's cars.

Hate combined with unemployment and meth crack pipes just do not go together very well. The James Byrd murderers were reported to be crack heads. Not a real good thing that police departments and County officials are selling the stuff to them as they come out of prison or high school. When they don't show up for work for three months as I read about Constable Peters, it might be time for someone with authority to have the guy go pee in a little white cup or send a hair sample off to the drug lab, right? Good Lord. I wont go there in regards to the appearance of this tragic old man. He just obviously wasn't tuned in back when Nancy Reagan launched the "Just Say No" campaign.

Not In My Bible: Theofascists want everybody else to hurry up and die

Rapture Letters to the Unsaved! Send one now!

If you are certain that you're headed into the clouds but many of your UnChristian friends are not - be sure to post an email for them online via this website. As a backup plan for those of you certain as to where you are headed when the big day arrives -- spend a few minutes and go ahead write an email to Holy Rev. Rick Scarborough, all the murderers associated with "Army of God," Mr. Holy Dr. James Kennedy, Ann Coulter, Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, etc. Here is the website.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Shitty Mouth Syndrome

It is official. Rev. Rick Scarborough has been diagnosed with "Shitty Mouth Syndrome." It is uncertain whether he caught it from Tom Delay or the NRA or in Fort Lauderdale at Coral Ridge.
I have never attended church with a gun strapped to my leg. I phoned my dad to ask if he ever knew anyone anywhere who carried a gun into church and his answer was no but "there are a lot of crazy people in this World." How very true dad...there is one a few National Forests up the road from your house in Texas.
Maybe Rev. Rick Scarborough is just crazy, or maybe he is spending too much time with Tom Delay or on his knees doing and saying things to impress the big hitters like Jerry Falwell. We all laugh at Jerry Falwell every time he opens his mouth he is so out in left field. As reported last summer in this SOVO article.
We know that Jerry Falwell did make a few phone calls once when his congregation tossed him out to the wolves at the IRS. The folks in Pearland decided "Enough is Enough." ("please Uncle Jerry make that phone call on my behalf!") We also know that Jerry Falwell did help Rick start Vision America. It is quite obvious that the Holy Rev. Rick is just desperate to be in the news and loves being quoted in the Press.
From the "he didnt say that" collection in the Gospel of Hate as said or written by Rev. Rick. No reason to lie or fabricate anything here fellow Hell bound fornicators and Sodomites of the World.
from: Law Allows Texans To Carry Guns In Church
Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle, December 29, 1997
"Several pastors believe the amendment was a good idea. Rick Scaroborough, a pastor at the First Baptist Church of Pearland, told Patterson he felt safer knowing some of his congregation members might be carrying concealed weapons.
The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a Baptist pastor from Lufkin, Texas, who heads an organization pressing for more conservative judges, introduced Moore as a Christian whose defiance of the removal order was obedience to God's higher calling. "When
judges and legislators, even chief executives, put themselves above the law they are sworn to uphold, their unlawful orders must be disobeyed," Scarborough said.
I've been stunned at how long it took a prominent member of the Christian right to blame the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina on America's cultural decadence and immorality. Finally, Rick Scarborough of Vision America and the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration has stepped up to the plate, blaming Katrina on gay marriage, man-on-horse sex, and Israel for evacuating a portion of the Messiah's planned landing strip. He did so Volume 1, Number 24 (definitely not to be confused with a Bible verse) of his weekly email newsletter, the Scarborough Report, which you can subscribe to here. (Since you can't view Scarborough's latest newsletter online right now, I'm going to excerpt his statement at length.)
"I believe the most damaging thing Tom DeLay has done in his life is take his faith seriously in the public office, which made him a target of all those who despise the goals of Christ,"
...home school your future little fundamentalist militia man!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stem Cell Petition

Sign the stem cell petition directed to President Bush. Click here to go to the sign up page
While you are there take a look at Nick Lampson (website ) who is running for Congress in the Texas District recently vacated by the Tom Delay
Although I am not a resident in Nick Lampson's Congressional District which runs from Galveston and includes the NASA area, I do like his record and stance on just about everthing. Like many East Texans who once voted Republican, I saw the light and became very bothered by the Texas GOP's overthrow by the fundie Christian groups.
Not surprising that Tom Delay the Hammer is best buddies with Rev. Rick Scarborough. He pushed the "Gospel of Hate" while in Congress, and probably lent Vision America an illegal or immoral tip or two on fund raising or disclosure. Funny how Christian these two guys think they are.

Even funnier is that Steve Stockman couldnt get 500 signatures to run against Lampson as an independent. Steve Stockman (the militia loving NRA posterboy) Considering the fact that he is such a friend of Holy Rev. Scarbourough and probably attends a10,000 seat Holy Roller Church every Sunday. Hallelujah! Amazing how God works at times isn't it?

Last go round in Congress Steve Stockman was known as one of the most ineffective legislators in his Congressional Class. Stockman replaced Jack Brooks who was from Beaumont and served in Congress for decades. Lot's of people may not have ever heard of
Jack Brooks of Texas if they are not from East Texas or in Washington D.C., but with certainty I can say that Brooks was one of the most powerful Congressional leaders in the history of the Congress. Brooks brought more dollars to East Texas than can be imagined, was "Best in Class" in terms of how his office in regards to constituent care. Unlike the Hammer thief Tom Delay, he did it honestly and above board. Both Jack Brooks and Nick Lampson were effective Congressional leaders who served the people of East Texas well. Speaking of Jack Brooks it makes me think of old charging Charlie Wilson from Lufkin. Like Jack, he would tell the right wing nutcase fundamentalists to shove their hate up their ass. Charlie Wilson was another good Democrat in office with a staff full of bombshell blondes right out of Playboy (literally) magazine. I am sure that the local fundamentalist preacher turned lobbyist Rick Scarborough would be highly offended if Wilson were still in Congress today.

Back to Stem Cells. I hope stem cell research can be credited some day for finding a major cure for something like AIDS or Cancer, or whatever. I have friends with HIV/AIDS an my dad currently is fighting a very rare form of cancer with no long term hope.

Doom and gloom fundamentalists seem so worried abou the Rapture these days. I have no fear that someday End of the World fanatics will be cloning themselves or whatever it is they say is the reason anyone should oppose research with so much potential to do good in our World. Forgive them father for they are stupid. Very stupid.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be fun to fast forward their made up worries just for one day in order to grow a big muscled third leg and kick them in the ass really hard.

Stem Cell Research is a good thing for America! Take a minute and piss off a fundamentalist quacko preacher and sign the petition, or take two and register to vote.

Rick Scarborough Lies #1

War on Christians or Campaign of Hatred?

Dr. Rick Scarboroough
Where do Christian preachers who spread lies and misinformation go when they die? H-E-L-L maybe?

Based on all the lies you spread about gay and lesbian people I would think you are on the fast track. I know you are convinced otherwise so I won't even bother to elaborate too much on the subject. There is so much mean spirited talk and complete bullshit coming your mouth that it makes me sick. The Gospel of Hate coming from Rick Scarborough is unchristian. It is crazy how you big Christian leaders continue to lie to your congregation and to America. If you can't find something factual you guys fabricate whatever you want. When your experts are exposed or fired from their own professional organizations you hire them for your own staff and "think tanks."

The first thing I notice when in your boos is that most of those you quote can not be contacted for an interview. Why does such a family rarely mention his own family in any of his books? When we Google your "experts" they are all the same right wing fundamentalists and usually a member of your own churches or staff.
You state that you got your start due to a Safe Sex seminar that pissed you off. Of course the girl who gave the seminar is dead according to you. What was the name of the group she represented? We would love to know more about them. In your book you wonder "how many kids died due to her information." How dare you make that statement. How pathetic of you to assualt a person who died doing her damned best to prevent your child from dying from HIV/AIDS. I guarantee you that more children are dead because they grew up with strict fundamentalist parents like yourself who would not tolerate any safe sex message in their home. You have no degree in medicine sir and those who call you "doctor" hopefully know that your training was in seminary schools and not any medical school. You should apologize to her family for a hateful statement like that. We'll ask more of you about your family later, guaranteed.
Many of your sources come from "experts" who attended unaccredited Fundamentalist Christian Universities like Bob Jones University or Quack U in Pensacola.

My biggest outrage and is where you added the research of frauds like Dr. Montieth in your books. Dr. Stanley Montieth's lost his professional liscense years ago thanks to his own lies and false research. Stop your lies Rick Scarborough. You are killing us.
About Dr. Stanley:
Dr. Stanley is a Doctor who sells tapes (see the link) that make me wonder if he is on drugs or just a nut. I'm guessing both based on what I see. When you are a big part of the Gospel of Hate and lose your professional liscense, don't worry becauase the folks at Family Research Council will just move you into their buildings and call you a "think tank." Think tank of lies and hate, obviously.
Here is a summary I saw about the lying physician named Monteith:

"Dr. Stanley Monteith has been studying the movement to create a world government for almost 40 years. During his 35-year career as an orthopedic surgeon he traveled to Europe, lived in South Africa, and researched the records of the men and the organizations that are working to bring our nation under the control of a corporate elite." []

Let's expose and clear up some of these outright printed in Dr. Scarborough's book "Enough is Enough" as related to gay men and their sexual practices. I won't expect to receive one Dr. Scarborough but in return please do not expect me to ever bite my tongue when I question something odd about you in a book that you wrote, in a quote I find, in a Sermon I heard, or about you or your family.

This crap is that offensive Dr. Scarborough, and most of it has been fabricated by powerful Christian leaders - - men who claim to be honest and Christian but who do not have the basic decency or morals not to lie about gay and lesbian people just in order to further their Gospel of Hate. Read below for an indexed explanation of where all this crap came from. It is easily Google-able.

Here are just a few of the lies printed in Enough is Enough thanks to the Holy Rev Scarborough.

  1. 29 % of male gays engage in "Golden Showers"
  2. 47 % of male gays engage in "Fisting"
  3. 92 % of male gays engage in "Rimming"
  4. 93 % of male gays engage in "Rectal Sex"
  5. 17 % of male gays engage in "Scatting" - the practice of eating and handling feces.

If you really think Dr. Scarborough that even one gay person in whatever sized study/suvey of gay men enjoys or practices "Scatting" -- then you are the most stupid individual on the face of this Planet. You owe a lot of good people an apology Dr. Scarborough because you knew this was not true when you printed it. If you didn't, you have been brainwashed by the idiot in charge Dr. Kennedy of Fort Lauderdale. Hit the reply key to post a formal apolgy now if you would like to get that one off of your chest.

Really, just how utterly nasty this Christian Gospel of Hate has become. It is just so offensive and mean spirited.

***Read on for the facts about where all this crap came from ***


Subject: Filthy Practices
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 20:49:04 CDT
From: Al Geiersbach

28 July 1994
Filthy Practices
I can't understand why the press is so gentle with the so-called "Religious Right", the so-called "Conservative Christians". The best I can think is that editors and reporters are simply ignorant of what is actually being done by these fundamentalist-evangelicals, or "Christians", as they style themselves. Conservative Christians are handled with kid gloves by the news media, yetwhen there is even the mildest criticism of them, they complain that they are victims of nazi-like persecution. This appeal to martyrdom is belied by the scurrilous propaganda
that these "Christians" publish. Those who circulate the sort of distorted, hate-filled propaganda that emanates from conservative Christian souces are themselves more likely candidates for the "nazi" label than are those whom they accuse. Consider the case of "filthy homosexual practices". It has now become the habit for conservative Christians, in their speech,
letters, printed material, video tapes, and radio and television broadcasts, to accuse homosexuals of "filthy practices", such as "feces eating". When these Christians resort to numbers in an attempt to lend credence to their charges, their claim is that something like 92% of homosexuals derive sexual pleasure from feces eating". Compare this "feces eating" propaganda with some of Hitler's anti-Semitic propaganda, such as the film, "The Eternal Jew",which, among many other vile distortions, alternated a picture of an evil looking man with a large, hooked nose, with a picture of a scraggly rat crawling around. Compare and decide who is the nazi and who the victim of the nazi in America today: decide who
deserves to be handled with kid gloves. As Jews have been victims of the "blood libel" spread by
certain Christians in certain periods of history, so gays and lesbians are now victims of the "feces libel" that is being spread today in America by conservative Christians who claim to "love their neighbors as themselves". The "feces libel" originates from the work of the Josef Goebbels of the conservative Christians, Dr. Paul Cameron, a 54-year-old psychologist who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. Cameron's original attempts to vilify homosexuals have been carriedforward and developed by California physician Stanley Montieth in the video tape "The Gay Agenda", and in the fund-raising videos promoted by Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, D.
James Kennedy, and other Christian propagandists. Today conservative Christians widely circulate Cameron's many libels against gays and lesbians in a growing body of printed literatureand video tape propaganda that attempts to influence voters to deny gays and lesbians protection from discrimination in housing and employment. It is reported that conservative
Christians have raised millions of dollars marketing hatred. Dr. Cameron started his campaign of anti-gay vilification in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he operated as ISIS, the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality. Among his activities while operating in Nebraska was the issuance of a series of anti-gay pamphlets, such as "Murder, Violence and Homosexuality". This typical Cameron pamphlet, with a 1984 ISIS copyright notice, shows on its cover a picture of a young girl cowering in a corner, a look of terror on her face, her arms raised to fend off an attack from a male arm holding a large hatchet above her. Cameron was expelled from his professional organization, the American Psychological Association, in 1983. Anyone seeing his "Murder, Violence and Homosexuality" pamphlet, and realizing that it was published by a practicingpsychologist, can readily understand why his colleagues no longer wanted him in their
company. The American Sociological Association warned its membership against him and denounced his representation of himself as a sociologist. The Nebraska Psychological Association dissociated itself from him and his activities. Cameron moved from Nebraska to Washington, D.C., and moderated his propaganda, giving it a more academic cloak. Pamphlets similar to "Murder, Violence and Homosexuality" are still being issued by Cameron's Washington, D.C. group, the Family Research Institute, but he has toned them down and changed some of the scurrilous pictures. Cameron's connection with "feces eating" originates in a large survey he did of sexual practices in 1983. The study had a phenomenally high rejection rate of 52.5% and was so flawed in other respects that it has never been published in a reputable scientific journal. Cameron resorted to the pay-for-publication vanity" journal, Psychological Reports, to publish his data in a number or articles, and he now gives his hate pamphlets a cloak of respectability by citing his own publications in Psychological Reports. The main source of the conservative Christian statistics vilifying gays, and the origin of the data that developed into the "feces libel", is Cameron's 1989 Psychological Reports paper, "Effect of Homosexuality Upon Public Health and Social Order". It is of interest because it shows the process of distortion that has been progressively been used by conservative Christians to arrive at "the filthy homosexual practice of feces eating". One of the major flaws with Cameron's data is that he only had 41 survey respondents who identified themselves as homosexual men, and only 25 homosexual women. No reputable researcher would attempt generalizations about an entire population from such a
small number, but that is exactly what Cameron did. Indeed, Cameron added bisexuals into his "homosexual" group in some cases to make the numbers look worse. The responses of heterosexuals to Cameron's survey questions showed that what conservative Christians have come to label "filthy practices" are not confined to homosexuals. To give maximum force to hiscampaign to vilify gays and lesbians, Cameron could not publicize the numbers showing the large participation of heterosexuals in these activities, so he
resorted to the trickery of showing percentages instead of
actual figures. By using percentages he attempts to put his
highly unreliable, very small homosexual sample on equal ground
with his much larger sample of heterosexuals, results of which
could claim a reasonable accuracy, had his survey not been
flawed in other ways. In Cameron's pamphlets he often doesn't even show percentages, let alone the actual numbers of respondents easily derivable from his published paper, but only invidious comparisons, such as that "homosexuals are 6 times more likely to engage in sex
with animals". This approach allows him to avoid showing the percentages as well as the actual numbers of heterosexuals engaging in "filthy practices". By not quantifying heterosexual participation at all, Cameron induces the impression that these "filthy practices" are overwhelmingly a homosexual phenomenon, which is in fact the exact opposite of the truth shown by his own numbers. Conservative Christians start at the level of Cameron's pamphlets, with their invidious and distorted comparisons based on the misuse of highly unreliable data. Conservative Christians do not bother to check the validity of the figures they use in
their propaganda. Worse still, they have resorted to progressively more demonizing terminology to accompany their faulty numbers as their propaganda has gone through new editions and stages of development. For example, Cameron's original 1989 paper did not talk of
"feces eating". The actual question Cameron asked in his survey was whether the respondent had ever engaged in "oral analcontact". In the hands of conservative Christians, "oral analcontact" has been twisted over the few years of evolution oftheir propaganda to "feces eating". And that perversion ofCameron's work typifies the way in which conservative Christianpropaganda has evolved from the promotion of "family values" tothe highly successful money-raiser that the libel of "filthy homosexual practices" has become for them.Cameron's own work shows that "feces eating" (oral analcontact) can in no way be fairly characterized as a "filthyhomosexual practice". If anything, it is more accurately termeda "filthy heterosexual practice".In Cameron's survey, as the 1989 Psychological Reports paper indicates, he found 51 male and female homosexuals who admitted to having engaged in oral anal contact. But he also found 1006
heterosexuals who admitted the same thing. That is, of 1057survey respondents who said they had participated in whatconservative Christians call "feces eating", 95% identified themselves as heterosexuals. In other words, the conservative Christians' "feces eating" isactually a "filthy heterosexual practice"; for 95% of those whoengage in it are heterosexuals. Many similar examples of the distortion of statistics by conservative Christians could be cited. Conservative Christiansare, in fact, conducting a campaign of vilification against gays that is becoming increasingly rabid, and that is indeed worthy of the best efforts of Dr. Goebbels and his Nazi propaganda machine. The Bible warns us against those who constantly say "Lord,Lord", and advises us "By their fruits ye shall know them".Conservative Christians continually protest that they "love the sinner". But they make themselves truly known by the fruits oftheir work in originating or propagating this vile, malicious, libelous propaganda that is clearly intended to throw gasolineon the fire.By their hateful actions, conservative Christians makethemselves unworthy of "kid glove" treatment, and they certainlyare not entitled to the cloak of the martyr.

Stop your lies about us Rev. Rick Scarborough. Forget the pie someone put in the face of Anita Bryant years ago. You deserve something much nastier, sir.