Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vision America Form 990s

Why does Vision America not list their Form 990's on their website, Rev. Rick Scarborough. We realize you don't want your "Patriot Pastors" to see your big salary, but at least tell us where all the money is coming from, and why it is going out to the same people who are in courts and in the press (Delay, Abramhoff, etc.etc.) A few questions come to mind about Vision America and their "ethics."

  1. Is Cult leader Rev. Moon financing Vision America as reported?
  2. If your not run by the Cult, then where is your funding coming from? Indian Tribes?
  3. How involved was your friend of God Tom Delay in organizing Vision America?
  4. Does Vision America pay for "consultants" to write your books for you?
  5. Did you buy your own plane with leather seats or something last year?
Form 990's can be hard to find sometimes - especially by quack non profits with something to hide. Check out Charity Navigator, etc.

Coming Soon:

2003 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2002 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2001 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
2000 Vision America Form 990 -PDF
1999 Vision America Form 990 - PDF
1998 Vision America Form 990 -PDF

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