Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friends of Rev. Rick

Posted here are some photos of the friends of Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America. Several are in East Texas. Several are not "friends" of Vision America, although they may share many of the same goals and dreams at night. (KKK, Aryan Movement, Vision America)

Everything I read coming out of Rev. Rick Scarborough is mean-spirited and hate driven. I am completly over it. I am insulted to read in his book that gay people (a high %) eat and play with feces. Why can't you just leave gays and lesbians and transgendered people alone to live in America without you in our business. We want nothing to do with your World, your church, your life, or your children. We're not changing and have no desire to be "straight" like you. If you propose that we be jailed or exterminated from this Earth because we are gay then we suggest you spend more time on the firing range with the local militia. We have no plans of just "going away" - sorry.

How might we assist you "tribe" in pushing this Rapture End of the World thing up sooner? that you will be beamed out of here to your perceived "Heaven" -we'll stay here and enjoy the World without you people. We'll throw some big ass parties with our community of friends . The Mormons have already expressed interest in Hate Mecca Colorado Springs and plan to make it a nice place again some soon. Get that Rapture pushed up Rev. Rick. Could you discuss the possibility with Jerry and Pat and get back to us?

Your Gospel of Hate is very nasty Vision America. Please, tone it down.

Stop lying about who we are . Stop thinking you know more about us than we do. Stop assuming you know more about medicine than physicians. Stop writing books full of false statistics. Stop assuming we might want to be anywhere near youafter this impending Rapture Event. Stop assuming we are all Christian. Stop telling our good parents they did a bad job. Stop saying that Liberalism Kills Kids. Stop advocating that judges be "removed" in whatever way God sees fit. Stop the child abuse of Home Schooling. Stop trying to convert us to Ex Gay. Stop filming our events and parties to spread your hate message. Stop telling youth that abstinence is the only option. Stop Demanding the Ten Commandments Be in Government Buildings. Stop inviting Bigot Preachers to Your Events. Stop allowing books to be sold in your church calling for jail or death sentences for the "Sodomites" Stop Your Hateful and Mean Spirited Campaigns of Intolerance, Exclusion, and Hatred. It is unAmerican and not very Christian.

Gospel of Hate Group Rally Features Rev. Rick Scarborough

The Rev Fred Phelps Baptist Family Picnic 2006. Fred Phelps is a creep - sad that the 'Religious leaders" only started screaming when he picketed the funeral of a soldier. They were no where to be found when he showed up to torment the parents of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.
Gay Teenagers Murdered in Iran (2005)
Religous Extremism of all Types is a bad thing for our World. The United States Bush government does very little or nothing to Stop These Murders in Iran and across the Mideast and in Africa. These are human rights issues - not gay and lesbian issues. Sad

Bigots Unite for Photo Shoot.
The Judge was the Honoree at a Ten Commandments Event organized by Rev. Rick Scarborough in Alabama. The other guys is an old East Texas Baptist Preacher WN Otwell. He lead a Christian Cult called "God Said" and marched in Jasper after the Byrd death in order to challenge the New Black Panthers. He proposed that all gays and lesbians be sent to one country or place to be Quarantined, and frequently is with the Phelps Family picket line. He believes that "God uses the white race as leaders," and "the black race ... is a servitude people." He is an ardent separationist and militia supporter. He "doesn't want women to cut or dye their hair, and never wants to see a woman in pants. Otwell described pants-wearing women as "dyke-ish" and "cross-dressers." Why would Rev. Rick Scarborough include this person to participate in one of his "rallies?" Possibly because they advocate the same Gospel of Hate.

The Fresh Face of the East Texas KKK. James Roesch relocated from Ohio to Jasper after the Byrd murder. Let's hope he moves soon - he has obviously not been very well received in Jasper, Texas. It is hard to get a job when you are uneducated, stupid, and wear your KKK gear around town. Must be slim pickings over at the KKK when a nineteen year old is elevated to the title of Grand Dragon Wizard Whatever Title.

Two Years Later Jasper Builds A Legacy of Racial Harmon by E. Bauer <FULL STORY>

While the Panthers and the media are long gone, James Roesch, a skinny 19-year-old imperial wizard of the KKK from Ohio, has moved to Jasper, and locals are worried that he wants to make trouble.

Much to the embarrassment of whites, he has shown up at school board and local Democratic committee meetings dressed in Klan attire. "In general, the whole community would be happy if he moved away from here," said Pamela Sterling, a desk clerk at the Holiday Inn where Roesch gives media interviews about the Klan. "Surely he is only going to be able to reach the ignorant and illiterate: No one else would listen."

He isn't popular with his in-laws either. "If he got away from the Klan, I'd have more to do with him," said Hubert Letney, whose daughter married Roesch in a Klan ceremony last year. Letney now worries that his daughter and her 3-month-old baby will be hurt due to Roesch's activities.
"I was fired for my views," said Roesch who lost his job as a machine operator at a lumber company three months ago. Unable to get work, he now augments his wife's waitress earnings by sewing Klan robes and golfer Payne Stewart-style knickers for "my own small apparel business."

He declined to have his photograph taken, citing the publicity that got him fired -- a magazine photographed him standing beside James Byrd's grave.Roesch won't say how many Klan members are in Jasper. "Our organization is going underground and keeping a low profile," he said. Roesch is disliked only because he embodies the discomforting knowledge that racism still exists, "but we all know that most racism isn't done by men in sheets," said Diggles of the Deep East Texas Council of Governments. As founder of the new multicultural church, Diggles believes the services will further heal race relations.

Lyons of the Ministerial Alliance agreed but added, "Our prayers are for unity, but we've always got to keep our eyes and ears open."

And James Byrd Jr. is not forgotten. His resting place continues to draw those seeking racial harmony. A letter left on his grave recently by a Colorado woman promised that he hadn't died in vain.
"Being here has renewed my commitment to always teach tolerance, understanding, harmony and peace," she wrote.

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