Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Ex Gay" Myth

The entire "Ex-Gay" movement is being financed and pushed by fundamentalist Christian extremists preachers and their multi million dollar non profit organizations. This Gospel of Hate Group continutes to fabricate information, falsify information, and do whatever they must to push to exterminate gays, lesbians, and transgendered people from this Earth. While claiming to be Christians and family men they push for the laws that restrict the freedoms of a small subsegment of society. At school boards and County government meetings and in the halls of Congress they are well organized and financed. The good people who once were in leadership at the Republican Party have been pushed aside by a new breed of mean spirited and misinformed fundamentalist Christian extremists.

Never will you ever see a Gay or Lesbian person at the door of a fundamentalist Church similar to Potters House in East Texas attempting to "convert" a person as he or she exits the building. They will never stalk your celebrations or health clinics or picket at your funerals and weddings and fundraisers. Gay and Lesbian people respect tolerance and appreciate diversity in our World. We keep the hell out of your churches, your bedrooms, and your trailer parks. We do not understand or desire your straight way of life and we certainly do not attempt to convert you over to ours.

It is really pathetic that the Gospel of Hate Group pushes the Ex Gay movement in America day after day after day. It is hateful and mean spirited, it is harmful to our gay youth, and it may very well be contributing to higher suicide rates in the GLBT community. The hate speech coming from those pushing the Ex Gay movement is shameful and UN-Christian. The Gospel of Hate Group must STOP claiming to know more about our gayness than we do, and should get the hell out of our lives. We do not want you. We do not need you. Go away, please.

If you are the parent of child questioning his/her sexual orientation, or admit that your Church has possibly brainwashed you with false information, check out the Blog "Ex Gay Watch" and pick up a copy of Wayne R. Besen's amazing book "Anything But Straight. Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex Gay Myth"published by Harrington Park Press 2003.

Wayne Besen is the guy who discovered John Paulk (National Ex Gay Leader) singing show tunes in a gay bar one night in Washington D.C. Fortunately, Wayne and friends captured the Kodak moment for the World and the rest is history. You have to wonder how this ex drag queen explained it to the wife - or what his children will be ridiclued with in school some day.

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If you were looking for evidence of how hard it is to change our fundamental sexual proclivities -- not minor aspects, like a taste for black lingerie, but the deep stuff, like who we're attracted to -- you'd find plenty of it in Tanya Erzen's thoughtful new book, "Straight to Jesus: Sexual and Christian Conversions in the Ex-Gay Movement." Erzen spent 18 months hanging out with and interviewing the members and administrators of New Hope Ministry, which runs a residential program for evangelical Christian men who are "struggling with homosexuality" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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