Monday, July 24, 2006

VA Parenting 101

HERO: Maya Keynes

You'll frequently find Alan Keyes sharing the same podium with Rick Scarborough at Vision America. Alan is the Christian rights dream ally - black men who have been brainwashed or forgotten what MLK was all about -- like Alan Keyes.

How uncomfortable it must be for a black preacher who fell into the right wing extremist trap to find himself at a "christian family values" rally (for example the ten commandments rally in alabama) sharing a podium with white preachers who have had a past history of association with the KKK (W. Otwell of East Texas), or a Judge Roy Moore who advocates death penalites for gays and lesbians, or a Rick Scarborough who advocates that people bring guns to church, or a Alan Keyes who rants about family values but kicked his own lesbian daugher out of the house and stopped paying for her college, or those annoying "ex gays" who just made the cover of Newsweek after being busted having a beer in a gay bar (John Paulk), and all the other clowns at the circus. The black girl in me is not sharing a stage with a KKK guy, no way.


I am so thankful my parents never kicked me out of the house, or stopped paying my college tuition for UT Austin, or sent me to a conversion camp run by unacredited quacks, or whatever.

My dad is a Christian and is pretty conservative, but not on issues imporant to my civil liberties, my future safety or job accomplishments, my happiness, or my freedom to love as I see fit to love. I wish my great parents could knock some sense into Alan Keyes and show him some parenting 101 skills, how to accept the beauty of the special daughter/child which God created for his family, etc. Personally, I would just have to tell him to stop being an ASSHOLE

Thanks to the Point Foundation who stepped in to help with Maya Keyes' Brown tuition.

FULL STORY at Washington Post
Now Maya Keyes -- liberal, lesbian and a little lost -- finds herself out on her
own. She says her parents -- conservative commentator and perennial candidate
Alan Keyes and his wife, Jocelyn -- threw her out of their house, refused to pay
her college tuition and stopped speaking to her.

Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays
Human Rights Campaign
The Pointe Foundation (college scholarship assistance for GLBT youth)
The Trevor Project
Alan Keyes Renewing America Website (right wing cult?)

Wolf Blitzer Interviews Maya

Amazing how many "Christian" parents kick their kids out of the house or cut them off financially in America. So sad and disruptive, so very unchristian. Despite all that meaness and turmoil, she still states in this interview that she loves her hateful parents, and that comments made by her dad about Mary Cheney were especially awful considering he already knew that his own child was a lesbian. I have zero respect for Alan Keyes. I dont want to be a part of his "renewed America" - he and the wife should are very hateful people.

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