Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Out To Lunch

All you big shot Christian leaders/ family men/telelevangelists of America. While you were OUT TO LUNCH dining with Tom Delay and Jack at the Washington Hilton genocide and murders are being committed all over the World.

You are so quick to react when a Middle Eastern guy finds that his neighbors want to murder him because he is a new convert to Christianity or outspoken, but where the Hell are you when young men in Iran are being hung for being gay simply for being branded as gay. How on earth could some of you guys not empathize with the straight kids being murdered in Iran who were perceived to have been homosexual, especially all you big Christian leaders with feminine mannerisms such as Gary Bauer and Ralph Reed and Alan Chambers. Even you Rev. Scarbourough has been labeled in the press as one with a "high pitched voice."

Once upon a time in America Christian ministers were concerned about civil and human rights. If you can't speak out against the murder of children, don't call yourself Christian. Speak up and do something positive for humanity as would a man of faith and good Christian values.

Instead, you are busy in D.C. running from meeting to meeting, to Fox News, back to the War on Christians Conference conferenc, etc. A good Christian leader would not have his flock on their knees praying for Tom Delay but would instead be loading the team of Holy leaders on a bus to picket the Iranian embassy instead.

Gay folks are with you guys every single time a foreign government or its fanatic extremist citizens plan to burn Christians in the public square --where the hell are you when Matthew Shepard or James Byrd is murdered or a young kid in Iran like the two boys in the post here are being hung by extremists running the Country of Iran?

You guys just are not very Christian at all, really. You are very much OUT TO LUNCH Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America Mobilzed, Inc. of Lufkin Texas.

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