Saturday, July 15, 2006

"New" Black Panthers

If the Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a "Hate Group" - then I would have to say that they are a hate group. SPLC's "Teach Tolerance" Campaign is another "HERO" out there working to make this a better World.

Note that the "New Black Panther Party NOT the same as the original Black Panther Party. The New Black Panther Party seems to also have a lot of leaders who were born in the South in places like Monroe, LA and Houston and Arkansas.) It was the death of James Byrd, Jr of Jasper, Texas that brought them out into the spotlight. Hate is hate. Intolerance is Intolerance. I fear blacks like these guys as much as I fear right wing Christian ministers (with a closet full of Klan gear) advocating that we bring guns to church and put "sodomites" in jail the same way I fear black Christian and Friends of Farrakhan /Islamic radicals like those at the New Black Panther Party.

The military general uniforms they wear is just as scary as the white hoods of the KKK.

My guess is that these guys get more press than they deserve. They all have AOL email addresses and probably had very little organization until they heard the KKK was planning to march in Jasper, Texas after the Byrd murder. Regardless, they are listed as a "Hate Group" in Jasper by the SPLC.

If anyone has a contact person in Jasper, Texas who claims to be the leader of this group, please contact us via this website. We would like to interview you and hear your story. Thanks.

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