Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stem Cell Petition

Sign the stem cell petition directed to President Bush. Click here to go to the sign up page
While you are there take a look at Nick Lampson (website ) who is running for Congress in the Texas District recently vacated by the Tom Delay
Although I am not a resident in Nick Lampson's Congressional District which runs from Galveston and includes the NASA area, I do like his record and stance on just about everthing. Like many East Texans who once voted Republican, I saw the light and became very bothered by the Texas GOP's overthrow by the fundie Christian groups.
Not surprising that Tom Delay the Hammer is best buddies with Rev. Rick Scarborough. He pushed the "Gospel of Hate" while in Congress, and probably lent Vision America an illegal or immoral tip or two on fund raising or disclosure. Funny how Christian these two guys think they are.

Even funnier is that Steve Stockman couldnt get 500 signatures to run against Lampson as an independent. Steve Stockman (the militia loving NRA posterboy) Considering the fact that he is such a friend of Holy Rev. Scarbourough and probably attends a10,000 seat Holy Roller Church every Sunday. Hallelujah! Amazing how God works at times isn't it?

Last go round in Congress Steve Stockman was known as one of the most ineffective legislators in his Congressional Class. Stockman replaced Jack Brooks who was from Beaumont and served in Congress for decades. Lot's of people may not have ever heard of
Jack Brooks of Texas if they are not from East Texas or in Washington D.C., but with certainty I can say that Brooks was one of the most powerful Congressional leaders in the history of the Congress. Brooks brought more dollars to East Texas than can be imagined, was "Best in Class" in terms of how his office in regards to constituent care. Unlike the Hammer thief Tom Delay, he did it honestly and above board. Both Jack Brooks and Nick Lampson were effective Congressional leaders who served the people of East Texas well. Speaking of Jack Brooks it makes me think of old charging Charlie Wilson from Lufkin. Like Jack, he would tell the right wing nutcase fundamentalists to shove their hate up their ass. Charlie Wilson was another good Democrat in office with a staff full of bombshell blondes right out of Playboy (literally) magazine. I am sure that the local fundamentalist preacher turned lobbyist Rick Scarborough would be highly offended if Wilson were still in Congress today.

Back to Stem Cells. I hope stem cell research can be credited some day for finding a major cure for something like AIDS or Cancer, or whatever. I have friends with HIV/AIDS an my dad currently is fighting a very rare form of cancer with no long term hope.

Doom and gloom fundamentalists seem so worried abou the Rapture these days. I have no fear that someday End of the World fanatics will be cloning themselves or whatever it is they say is the reason anyone should oppose research with so much potential to do good in our World. Forgive them father for they are stupid. Very stupid.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be fun to fast forward their made up worries just for one day in order to grow a big muscled third leg and kick them in the ass really hard.

Stem Cell Research is a good thing for America! Take a minute and piss off a fundamentalist quacko preacher and sign the petition, or take two and register to vote.

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