Monday, July 17, 2006

"He spoke to me"

Is Ralph Reed speaking to Rick Scarborough at night when the pastor closes his eyes to dream of the big Rapture? Why not also condemn your fellow super-Christian Ralph Reed for his gambling related criminal activities in cohoots with lobbyist Abramoff? Did Mr. Delay hook up Rick with Ralph and Jack Abramoff Indian lobbyist friends holding the checkbook, or what?

I am sure the Indians would have been happy to sponsor this Vision America newsletter because they also hate the thought that grannie might be sitting at home in front of her Dell transferring her life savings to an offsore Casino. You can't blame the Indians for pushing this legislation considering how easy it has been for lobbyists in Bush's Washington.

It is a lot bigger than "Internet Gambling" Rev. Rick Scarborough and "Vision America." It is all your corrupt friends like Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff. You are judged by the company you keep. Scarborough and his friends should stup pushing their "Gospel of Hate" agenda. It is ugly and shameful.

Personal comments from the [Holy] Rev. Rick Scarborough's Vision America newsletter (7/17/2006)

"U.S. House Passes Internet Gambling Ban The U.S. House has overwhelmingly backed a bill prohibiting off shore gambling.While I commend the House for this important piece of legislation, it is clear that America has become addicted to gambling and any real reform that would truly address this egregious assault on American families does not appear to be forthcoming. We often hear of how gambling produces tax revenues which benefit schools and education, but it requires that people lose in order to generate revenues. What a tragedy that we encourage our citizens to become losers in order to increase tax revenues. How far we have fallen. Still, thank you House. Now, on to the Senate."

-Truth Squad

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