Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shots Ring Out

Lufkin, Texas has been a busy place for activists ever since Vision America opened their headquarters to town. From rallies to protect the Ten Commandments featuring great family men/father figures like Alan Keyes (Vice President of the Homophobic Parents of America), to rifle practice assults on Planned Parenthood, East Texas is still a hotspot for intolerance.

The nut in this photo is picketing a meeting of physicians claiming that America doctors specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology are "abortionists" Scary stuff.

The same guy is down at the local Planned Parenthood office spreading the same message. Were the four bullets that entered the Planned Parenthood building in Lufkin, Texas a few years ago the result of constant harrassments, picketing, and hate speech? Yes. Was the decision to fire at the building attempted murder? Yes. Thank God no one was injured or murdered in Lufkin at Planned Parenthood, but the Gospel of Hate and intolerance resulting in gun fire should not be a huge surprise. Keep your Army of God away from my home or business please.

Lufkin is a nice city thanks to many people -including a few philantrophic Jewish Heros named Temple. It only takes one gunshot guys and Lufkin becomes another city like Jasper, Texas with a name associated with hate. With all the nonsense coming out of Lufkin lately, you have to wonder the good sensible minded and tolerant folks in Lufkin realizes that the influence of Christian nuts like Scarborough has them on the fast track be the new Vidor of Texas. Not good.
Is it possible that the gunman was all worked up from a Lufkin for Life protest? Yes. Lufkin for Life's spokesperson Barb Fourney was missing her brain the day in 2005 when she called PP employees and physicians "child molesters" at a news conference. (her phone is 936-875-2951) Old sparky is a cheap ride away for all you gun carrying friends of the Army of God.
Thank God kids in Lufkin have Planned Parenthood to keep them alive, to provide counseling and testing and safe sex options. Some day hopefully the Holy fanatics will listen to educated physicians versus the guy in the pulpit on Sunday, or AGAPE Press.

Right wing extremists and their Army of God should do East Texas a favor and retreat into their windowless little churches to praise the Lord and allow those who choose to go to Planned Parenthood a safe trip without the fear of being harassed or murdered.
The Gospel of Hate is nasty campaign in America - and in Lufkin.

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