Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thanks GLSEN

Imagine the number of young GLBT identified kids who dig themselves farther into the closet and are more afraid to come out. The constant press and harrassment of the "family focused Christian organizations" is so shameful, damaging to youth, and not helping the GLBT suicide statistics either probably. Some of the crap coming from Focus on the Family is especially mean spirited, and not so very "Christian" . Gay Straight Alliances are important for GLBT students.

Full Story Here:

Despite the growing number of gay kids who come out in high school, still a
great majority do not feel safe at school. A new poll released Tuesday -- the
first of its kind -- shows their concern may be well-founded.
Ninety percent of LGBT students polled (vs. 62
percent of non-LGBT teens) say they have been harassed or assaulted in just this
past year.
The startling results come from a Harris Interactive poll
conducted on behalf of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).
"From Teasing to Torment" is the first national survey on bullying in American
schools to include questions about anti-gay harassment.

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