Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not In My Bible

East Texas' Big Shot Holy Reverened Rick Scarborough of Vision America is pushing the ultra-right wing Agenda of Intolerance based on their belief that our World is Ending Tomorrow.

Most Christians probably have no idea how extremist these folks are in our Country. Most Christians when presented with information about what they advocate will stop and say to themselves "wait a minute now this is a little crazy sounding and something that is not in my Bible."

The end result of all this constant harrassment and hate speech often results in violence and murder.

When I am home in Texas for a visit, it is not the gay folks or African Americans, or hard working Asian or Mexicans (legal or illegal), or anyone Jewish or mainstream Protestant or Catholic that really worries me.

What scares me more are the fundamentalists like Tom Delay and his only friend the "Holy" Rev. Rick Scarborough at Vision America in Lufkin or the crazy thumpers at Potters House and all those weird little deep in the Piney woods churches with no windows), the Militias and KKK people, corrupt drug dealing elected officials or police departments where more than one African American has been falsely imprisoned or beaten to death.

Great article by F.A. Krift in the Beaumont Enterprise this past few weeks about the arrest of "good Christian gone bad divorcee" Jasper Constable Peters who was arrested last week on drug charges. (Hello......How many times do you allow a "Constable" to be arrested before you fire his ass once for good?)

Tragic story. I am especially afraid of the kids that Constable drug dealer was selling the meth too --often the same uneducated, unemployed little redneck types like the murderers of James Byrd, Jr. Up until recently, Meth was usually more of a redneck white man's drug. In rural East Texas they have a meth pandemic on their hands and are finding little factories everywhere in the piney woods, in houses full of children, in bathtubs, and even in people's cars.

Hate combined with unemployment and meth crack pipes just do not go together very well. The James Byrd murderers were reported to be crack heads. Not a real good thing that police departments and County officials are selling the stuff to them as they come out of prison or high school. When they don't show up for work for three months as I read about Constable Peters, it might be time for someone with authority to have the guy go pee in a little white cup or send a hair sample off to the drug lab, right? Good Lord. I wont go there in regards to the appearance of this tragic old man. He just obviously wasn't tuned in back when Nancy Reagan launched the "Just Say No" campaign.

Not In My Bible: Theofascists want everybody else to hurry up and die

Rapture Letters to the Unsaved! Send one now!

If you are certain that you're headed into the clouds but many of your UnChristian friends are not - be sure to post an email for them online via this website. As a backup plan for those of you certain as to where you are headed when the big day arrives -- spend a few minutes and go ahead write an email to Holy Rev. Rick Scarborough, all the murderers associated with "Army of God," Mr. Holy Dr. James Kennedy, Ann Coulter, Tom Delay, Ralph Reed, etc. Here is the website.

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