Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wicked Witch Is Dead!

Even Ms. Tom Delay is a crook. Regardless of whether or not it was illegal for the Hammer's friend Ambramoff to hire Ms. Delay and pay her $115,000 to (literally) do NOTHING, it is simply corrupt, dishonest, and one more embarrassment for the GOP.

What will happen of all the Delays' employed as lobbyist now that the "Wicked Old Witch Delay Family" has fled the Lone Star State? The most insulting thing is that you (Ms. Delay) were gallivanting around DC speaking on "Christian Values" and the importance of the Bible in your life. You stink you wicked old witch. Lucky thing the job was so fraudulent because I can not imagine how you would have made it to work considering you had all those Bible talks and "Christian Values" speeches and lunches with the Stepford Wives over at the Concerned Women of America. You should repay your $115K salary Ms. Delay by sending a check to your favorite charitable organization.

Ms. Delay, you win our "Wicked Old Witch" Award for the month of August. Share it with Tom, please. Tom is a leader amongst the Wicked Old Witches in America spreading hate.

BUHHH BYE Tom Delay Family - Don't hurry back please!
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TO THE DELAYS>>>There's no place like home, but no one in Texas wants you back.
RICK SCARBOROUGH>>>Do you still believe that Tom Delay was only a target of the anti Christian folks looking to further their "War on Christians" ? Absolutely not! Mr. Delay is an arrogant, homophobic corrupt politician. I hope he goes to jail. Wasn't it a sign early on when you learned that your buddy Tom was kicked out of Baylor University in Wacko?

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