Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Real Faith In America

Think about it. All the good in the World being postponed due to the GOSPEL OF HATE agenda of the right wing religious fundamentalists and their organizations. Sad. Very "Un"Christian.

So many dollars and time is wasted in the gay community fighting these giant Goliath devils and their well financed groups. All we do is constantly respond to the hate message of the Christian Right. You get tired of throwing dollars to fight them then you start to raise hell then you ACT UP and say "Enough is Enough" you assholes.

Imagine the accomplishments these Christian groups could brag about on a global basis had they directed their millions of dollars to conquering a disease or fighting hunger. Years ago big Christitan ministers were more interested in missionary work overseas than in legislating and attempting to further restrict the Freedoms of others. Not today. Instead these guys stay home to beg for money and build up huge email distribution lists and jet set all over the Country spreading fear and lies and misinformation. and .
It is getting more and more annoying. When you look at their power and allies you really have to just laugh when they claim that America is being destroyed due to the persecution of Christians. (War on Christians Conference was the laughingstock of DC awhile back and was organized by the Holy Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America in Lufkin, Texas.

Sad to say it but I just don't really consider the big Christian organizations out there as all that "charitable" anymore with the exception of one or two mass feeders battling hunger in Africa.

These days the HEROS are groups like Doctors Without Borders, Lance Armstrong, Bill and Melinda Gates, Micheal Dell, Warren Buffet, and even East Texas' own TLL Temple Foundation which are doing the most good in this World. The fanatic Christian groups like Vision America are all about taking care of their own American families - or better yet - the neighbors who they feel need sometype of Christian makeover.

Pardon me, but I would rather choose my own form and degree of religion here in America. Kindly back the hell out of my life, please. Please keep your nasty self out of my life and I will stay out of yours.

Yes, it is true that literally gazzillions of dollars have been wasted by the religious right fanatics in an effort to push their Gospel of Hate agenda

Check out the Faith in America ad campaign which I think hits home for a lot of people who are starting to ask what they hell are these fundamentalist thinking? Why are they in the Press so much lately considering theirs claims? Why are they advocating so many radical ideas based on hate and intolerance of others? Others may just be fed up in that they have ruined the Texas Republican Party.

Fortunately soon things will get better when all these old men are dead. Since Rick Scarbough is younger than many of the national leaders of hate we'll Expose the true Christian that he is here on this web blog. Hope you enjoy the laughs and take action to say no to his hate.

This is a great campaign financed by Mitchell Gold and his business partner. Gold is a HERO for his philanthropic efforts to make the World a better place.

P.S. >>If you live in a trailer, stockpile food, picket abortion clinics, attend a suburban megachurch with 2000 seats or more, or home school the kids (or all of the above as advocated by the Holy Rev. Rick Scarborough ---you may have ever heard of Mitchell Gold.

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