Monday, July 17, 2006

HEROS: The Trevor Project

Facts: Hotling 866-4 U TREVOR

  • Teen Suicide has risen more than 200 % since 1960
  • Suicide is in the Top 3 leading causes of death for young people 15-24
  • Gay teens are three times more likely to attempt suicide as heterosexual teens their age.
  • For every kid who takes his/her life there are twenty who have tried
Warning Signs
  • A tendency toward isolation and social withdrawal
  • Increasing substance abuse
  • Expression of negative attitudes toward self
  • Expression of hopelessness or helplessness
  • Loss of interest in usual sources of pleasure
  • Giving away valued possessions
  • Expression of a lack of future orientation: “It won‘t matter soon anyway.”
  • For someone who has been very depressed, when that depression begins to lift, the individual may be at INCREASED risk of suicide, as she may now have the psychological energy to follow-through on suicidal ideation

If you or someone you care about is showing any of these signs, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone to speak with a trained counselor at The Trevor Helpline (866).4.U.TREVOR.

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