Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vision America $$$

Before Granny writes out a check to the Holy Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America or Stop Activist Judges , or one of the numerous websites soliciting money on the internet, ask a few questions. Ask for his Form 990s. We will post them here soon for all the World to view. If you have given money to this group you may get upset with what you see. Smart non profits post this type of disclosure on their websites, but not Vision America who obviously went to the Tom Delay school of non profit management. (unaccredited)

  • Vision America is not a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial accountability although it appears that every other group has joined. Why is that?
  • Vision America's Form 990's filed with the IRS will will shock you! In addition to paying himself a nice fat salary the guy spends a fortune on travel. Guess you just have to be on the go when you are a big shot religious mover and shaker! Not surprising that the suppliers for Vision America which are on the Form 990's are in many cases the same ones used by Mr. Tom Delay (former Texan!)crooks like Abramson and America's most dishonest Christian - - Ralph Reed.

Even more odd is the question of where all this money came from? Did Holy Rev. Rick's buddy Tom Delay come up with some scam to money launder some Indian tribe's cash in order to push their legislation through Congress? I guess the financing could be coming from the Holy Rev. Jerry Falwell as reported, but who knows. Other options which are possible might be

  • East Texas' most right wing chicken farmet businessperson Bo Pilgrim.
  • Cult leader the Holy Rev. Moon who attends many of the same functions as Rev. Scarborough and others involved with the Gospel of Hate agenda.
  • Or, It could be channeled via one of Tom Delay's cronies or a Reed type casino money laundering scams.

Big bucks, Christian public relations teams, and book releases at key times have certainly pushed the little backwoods messenger of the Army of God into the spotlight. His self promoting email blasts and websites show you that this Jerry, Jr. Is desperate to be in front of the big lights of network Television studios.



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Mary Beth Sumptra said...

This guy should lead his flock into the deep end of the pool. What a goon.