Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Mr. Mayor

Dear Mr. Mayor
An Open Letter to the Mayor of Jasper, Texas

Dear Sir:

While home two weeks ago at my parents place near Jasper, I decided to stop and place flowers on the gravesite of James Byrd, Jr.

At no other time in my life has this middle aged white guy been more embarrassed to be from East Texas than when the news of the death of James Byrd, Jr. hit the press.

As a child I remember the sign driving into Jasper that read "the jewel of the Forest." Mr. Mayor, the majority of the people on this planet who have ever heard of Jasper, Texas or Jasper County know of it unfortunately due to the horrific story of James Byrd, Jr.

The attached photo does not due much justice for how my blood pressure boiled when I walked through the City Cemetary that day. All I saw was trash everywhere, unmowed grass all over the place, discarded plastic flowers piled up everwhere. It was completely embarrassing to see.

I phoned your office that day but your secretary would not put me through to you. Maybe she sensed the angst in my voice. I did tell her that I would let others know of the condition of the city cemetary -- which is your responsibility to maintain.

It has now been three weeks since I placed flowers on the grave and walked through that cemetary. Have you done anything?

If you are trying to attract new business to Jasper County, if you feel the need to take control of the area CVB and their money --whatever you feel you have to do to show Jasper, Texas off to the World as a good place to live --why not start by properly maintaining the city cemetary in your own city. It is the right thing to do.


A former constituent

cc: Jasper News Boy

(with full permission for the press to use the above photo granted by its owner!)


Anonymous said...

This is just horrible. I would never step foot in Jasper Texas.

Loriee Senfree

Anonymous said...

Terrible! Where is the Jasper community to pick up and keep this gravesite clean and respectable!?