Tuesday, September 26, 2006

East Texas' Reverened Moron

The Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America is a moron in a clown suit. He thinks the church should run private charity, he thinks guns in church are a good idea, he thinks we should pull our children from all public schools, he thinks Tom Delay is a good Christian, he thinks liberalism "kills kids", gays like to eat and play with feces, he believes that the separation of church and state is a "bald -faced lie."

What do I think? Me thinks that this Jerry, Jr wannabe baptist preacher turned politco fatcat is more concerned with promoting himself (yes he does have an "image consultant" from what I read) and his Gospel of Hate Campaign against mainstream America, and especially the GLBT community.

Stop the Hate Rick Scarborough and Vision America. It is ugly, mean spirited, and very UNchristian.

The Wall of Separation:

"But not everyone got the memo. During a session later that afternoon, the Rev. Rick Scarborough, a Texas pastor and a loud proponent of the so-called “war on Christians,” blasted Lynn for opposing church-based politicking. For good measure, Scarborough called the separation of church and state a “bald-faced lie.” "

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