Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Preacher Takes Stand

As is common, Minnesota is a place where real Christian preachers are taking a stand to say no to the extremist fanatic fake Christians with names like Scarborough, Falwell, Dobson, AFA, Focus on the Family, AFA, KKK. How tragic that so many extremist Christian preachers only have time in their fake ministries to do two things --(1) spreading a message of hate while soliciting billions of dollars from people too stupid to think. -- on TV, and on every radio stations on the FM and AM dial , and (2) claiming to be God's direct spokesman while completely ignoring the true basis of the Chrisitan faith.

No time to do good for the World when you can torment homosexuals, convert them, put them in jail, blame them, keep the little kids out of public schools to create a new generation of little bigots, etc.

We're not going away. You are not changing us. You know nothing about what is good for our Country.

VOA News - Preacher Takes Stand Against Politics On the Pulpit

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