Sunday, November 12, 2006

Carpetbagger Report On Rev. Scarborough

Comments from the Peanut Gallery regarding Rev. Rick Scarborough of Lufkin, Texas based Vision America.

From: The Carpetbagger Report -November 12, 2006

Missouri: The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a kind of less portly, less intelligent Jerry Falwell, departed Texas and traveled north to help James Talent keep his Senate seat and stop stem-cell research. He failed on both counts.

There is one other loser I would like to single out: the Mainstream Media. Good old MSM was so eager to help the GOP that it spent three whole days blowing an aberrant poll all out of proportion to make it appear that the Republicans were closing the gap. Thankfully the voters had other ideas.

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Anonymous said...

who is this rick scarborough guy? what a fo9uiking idiot.