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Who is Rev. WN Otwellof Mt. Enterprise?

WN Otwell is #2 in the Fred Phelps hate war, a major homophobe, white supremicist nutbag. He is also a friend and neighbor of Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America. Scarborough asked Rev. Otwell to attend his Alabama Judge Moore Ten Commandments rally. Otwell was arrested. Read this guys comments on women and blacks and you will be amazed that anyone in the United States could be so stupid and sheltered.

Otwell ran for Governor way back and advocated that all Texas homosexuals be rounded up and sent to one state. Good thing everyone knows what a moron he is -- I would have hated to have been sent to a gay concentration camp by this nutcase friend of Rev. Scarborough. The good news is he has been sick, fat, and old.

Matthew Shepard is in heaven Rev. Otwell, you and Fred Phelps and your pathetic little brainwashed children may not be so lucky.
Racial Terror!

Pastor W.N. Otwell
P.O. Box 369
Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681
Date: June 16, 1998
Subject: Otwell and members of “God Said” Ministries challenge the New Black Panthers’ violent march in Jasper, TX.

Pastor W.N. Otwell and a group of men from “God Said” Ministries of Mt. Enterprise, Texas will travel to Jasper, Texas on Wednesday, June 17th, to challenge and address the Black Panthers marching with long weapons down the streets of Jasper last Saturday, June 13th. Otwell will hold a news conference at the County Courthouse at 12 Noon.

Otwell will also denounce the heinous and brutal killing of James Byrd, Jr., and give his condolences to the family.

But one of the main reasons for going to Jasper, is to challenge and condemn the Black Panthers’ message of murdering of all whites, and not being challenged by the City, County, State or Federal Governments for such incitement of hatred, mob violence and riot.

He also wants to draw attention to the hypocrisy and double standards used by the public officials toward the white man and the black man. Whereas the white man would never be allowed to express such hate and violence toward blacks and other races, the black man is allowed to spew all manner of hate, bigotry and racism, and to incite violence toward the white man.

If a white man would have stood and said what Khallid Mohammad said, on national news or out in the public, President Clinton, Congress, Janet Reno, the FBI and all the law enforcement agencies would be condemning the white man everywhere, and probably would arrest them,” says Otwell. “Where are our courageous leaders who would dare challenge and address Khallid Mohammad?”

“If I were sheriff of Dallas County (Dallas), Hunt Co. (Greenville), or Jasper Co. (Jasper), or any other county, these terrorists wound not march with high powered weapons, and make their intimidating, terroristic threats without the National Guard surrounding me and stripping me from my elected position, to keep me from stopping them. I would let them know, real quick, that they weren’t the biggest, baddest thing on the block, and that they were subject to the rule of law, just like everyone else. They would not be promoting anarchy at the end of a (gun) barrel,” said Otwell. “There’d be bloodshed before they would be allowed to walk down the streets terrorizing citizens with demonstrations of violence, That goes for the KKK and anyone else, too!”

Pastor Otwell says he has been called a hatemonger, idiot, bigot, narrow-minded, Khadaffi, Jim Jones, Hitler and the devil himself, because he denounces the abortion of the innocent unborn babies, his stand against sodomy, homosexuality, the militant feminist movement and other wickedness. “They are all wicked sins against God, our families and America, and are devastating to our nation’s morals and spiritual well-being,” declares Otwell. “But to allow and to condone Khallid Mohammad and the Black Panthers to continue their crusade to kill all whites and to incite riots, and violence against whites, must be stopped—especially by being allowed to carry long guns down the streets of this nation, especially with a threatening, terrorizing intent.”

“What they are demonstrating is no different than what the three white men did to Byrd. The same violence was in them to do to James Byrd, Jr. The Black Panthers have the same violent attitudes toward whites. These Black Panthers must be stopped, also.”

“What was not said was that one week before this murder, there was the brutal bludgeoning murder of a white man, by a black man with a pipe. But where was the outcry from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Khallid Mohammad, the media the elected officials?”

“Our elected officials, from Gov. George Bush, Sen. Kay Hutchinson, heads of law enforcement agencies, the local mayor and county commissioners, are far more concerned about their political careers and their jobs than they are about their elected duty. They have been elected to uphold the laws that protect our people from the threats of violence, including the inciting of violence from the Black Panthers to kill all whites and to march, in what we believe to be a violent display of weapons, through the streets of our cities.”

“And where was Kay Hutchinson’s denunciation of the Black Panthers and their terroristic actions and threats?,” Otwell wants to know. “She condemned the brutal murder of the black man, but said nothing about the brutal threats and intimidation coming from the militant, racist blacks. Where are the preachers and church ministries on this?” said Otwell.

“The government burned the Davidians’ men, women, and children because they were ‘armed and dangerous.’ They shot and killed Randy Weaver’s wife and teenage boy over a shotgun that was a quarter inch too short, and Randy and his family were non-violent. But Khallid Mohammad and the Black Panthers can openly threaten the ‘white crackers’…with mob violence and murder, and get by with it. They have forced the Texas cities of Dallas, Greenville, and Jasper to allow them to march with guns down their streets.”

“It seems like, to me, that law enforcement and elected officials are bending over backwards to kiss the butt of the militant blacks, either for fear or political reasons,” said Otwell. “We’ve heard the Ku Klux Klan condemned for their hatred of blacks, but where is the condemnation from the same officials for the Black Panthers?” asks Otwell.

One sheriff, of a nearby county, told Otwell recently, that he told some of his men, “If that had been Pastor Otwell who had said and done these things, they would have arrested him and charged him with a hate crime.” He also said that if the Black Panthers were to try to march in his county with guns, especially if he believed it was with a threatening intent, “it would not happen.”

Otwell says he has proven, without a doubt, that there is hypocrisy in the judicial and political systems. “Members of my church and I have been arrested, and I was fined $97,000 and our Boys’ Home shut down because of no license, which we didn’t need, according to the Bible and the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. It was a church ministry, totally supported by the church, I was arrested and jailed twice — once with other men from the church, in Ft. Worth — for feeding the homeless at the churches’ expense, and I was fined $87,000. I have been jailed for standing against the murder of innocent, unborn babies, My men have been arrested for preaching on the street, passing out gospel tracts. Rocky, my son, was arrested in Washington, D.C., for standing against the wickedness of sodomy at a church Bill Clinton was attending. I was even threatened by a county judge here in Nacogdoches, that he would “throw my butt in jail” just for protesting on County Courthouse property.

Help free America!

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