Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pastor Ted Bites The ...

Well Well Well. Another hypocrite Mary disguised as a Colorado Megachurch televangelical friend of fake Christian Dobson?

I had never even heard of Colorado megachurch leader Pastor Ted Haggard until today. Apparently he was possibly outed by his local male Colorado hooker who says he has damning evidence, and also says Pastor Ted like to snort a little meth prior to assuming the position. While this one still needs to be proved, I can say for sure that (1) My Gadar bell rang pretty loud when I first saw this guys photo and even more when I pulled him up on YouTube.

When my GayDar goes off, it is usually right on target. My only question might be why would Pastor Ted (who resigned today from his 14,000 member church and as President of some holier than thou Evangelical Association) hire an old hooker (the guy was in his late forties)?

Hey Ted, try instead you tina freak....and don't leave your voice on you favorite local hooker's voicemail over at

All you sodomites join with me and pray this one is a true one.

Out! Out! All Hypocrites

Does Pastor Ted Like to give head? Stay tuned.

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