Thursday, November 16, 2006

Merry Happy Holidays Rev. Rick

When everything is going wrong for you because you are too narrow minded to realize that America is tired of your message of hatred --quickly pull the Rev. Rick Scarborough panic button and alarm regarding "Christmas."

It's not a Holiday folks its Christmas as in December 25th. Forget your employees or customers who may be Jewish or Buddhist or whatever, everyone fall to your knees (except you Haggard!) and praise God according to the wishes of Rev. Rick Scarborough and the Southern Baptist Moron Convention (SBC) And if you disagree with our lack of thinking then we will Boycott you and your company and your false Gods Lets hear an Amen now Sister!

When the going gets tough, the preacher men start pushing bumper stickers. Sort of cheesy, Rev. Rick. Could we find a porceline Values Voter figurine as well?
From Rick Scarborough Email 11/2006
Help Protect Christmas In America!

For decades now, public displays celebrating Christmas have been assaulted by the ACLU and activist judges.

Today, we are asking you to make your voice heard and sign our petition to President George W. Bush asking him to issue an executive order prohibiting the federal enforcement of any court decisions that seek to remove Christ from Christmas.

Click here to sign, and then click here to send this to five of your friends.

Vision America will deliver your petition to the White House for you. Together we can make a difference across our nation.

In His Service,

Rick Scarborough

P.S. You can also receive our "It's OK to say Merry Christmas" bumper stickers for a donation of $1 per bumper sticker. Click here to order today!


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