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Don't Attack Sen. Danforth Rev. Hypocrite

Apparently a lot of Americans spoke pretty loud last night Rev. Scarborough. All that time you spent in Missouri and South Dakota ranting and raving about abortion and stem cell research and that "radical homosexual agenda" with that team of clowns disguised as Christians!

Had you not whipped up such anti gay hysteria and hate speech you might have been truly "slaughtered" at the polls yesterday versus just getting your a** whooped pretty darn bad!

God bless that Michael J. Fox! Did you know that he is #2 fundraiser for Parkinsons research topped only by the U.S. government. Remember when Christians and preachers and churches took up human rights causes, funded charities, and fed the hungry.

I realize you have little time for such "nonsense" because you have a direct ear to George B, a first class seat on Continentals Houston to DC flight, coaches like Tom Delay, books to sign down at the local hate rally, and a few public buildings in need of a plastic Ten Commandments wall statue.

John Danforth is not "attacking" Christians Rev. Scarborough. You however; are offending many Christian people of faith. Give it up please!

John Danforth's attack on Christians

By Rick Scarborough
Nov. 2 2007

Just when I thought I'd heard it all, I came across former U.S. Sen. John Danforth's attack on Christian activists.

While promoting his new book, "Faith and Politics, How the 'Moral Values' Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together," Sen. Danforth urged his Republican Party to "disengage" from the Christian voters ? who have enabled it to win the last three national elections ? saying religion has become too divisive a force in American politics.

Danforth, 70, an Episcopal priest, said politics today is too polarized and that the GOP spends too much time trying to appeal to the Christian right which, in reality, is the party's base. "I think it is bad for the country and ultimately the Republican Party," Danforth declared.

Danforth says he remains a loyal Republican but believes GOP leaders should speak out against the religious right and move toward the center location from which it lost election after election in the past. "On a whole host of issues I would be with the Republicans," the senator maintained. "I just want them to disengage themselves from the Christian right."

Danforth cited same-sex marriage as an example of Republican pandering to Christians. The issue lacks substance and is used to "make people angry and win political support," the senator said. As a member of the Senate for 18 years, Danforth said he "spent every day worrying about the budget and never worried a minute about gay marriage. Now it's the other way around."

Perhaps the senator has forgotten that this is a war Christians didn't chose. Before activist judges began forcing their immorality on the American people, deconstructing marriage and imposing a radical homosexual agenda upon an unsuspecting public, I didn't get up worrying about gay marriage, either. Now I get up every day thinking about the millions of school-age children in this country who are being brainwashed to believe that what God calls an abomination is natural and acceptable.

Danforth likes to remind us that he is an ordained minister, but he long since abandoned the faith.

He opposed both the federal and state Marriage Amendments, which Missourians favored by overwhelming majorities.

Now he is supporting the clone-to-kill amendment to the Missouri Constitution. Shame on you, Rev. Danforth. If you insist on ignoring God's Word, at least honor our nation's founding document: The Declaration of Independence reads, "We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are CREATED equal, and endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights. ..." God is the Creator and every living person, regardless of age or stage of development, is granted the right to life that can only be violated, never abolished.

As for his assertion that the religious right is bad for his party, I remind him that without the base of the religious voters, there would be no Republican majority in Congress.

Clearly, Danforth's theological liberalism has led him to embrace political liberalism as well. Over the past six months, he has been the leading voice in the Missouri debate to legalize the making of cloned human beings for the purpose of extracting embryonic stem cell lines, then destroying the embryos.

The senator has repeatedly asserted, in a $30 million propaganda campaign, that he is pro-life and that the proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution would ban human cloning. But every medical journal in the world acknowledges that the process of somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT, which the amendment advances, is cloning.

Sen. Danforth has either ignorantly or purposefully misrepresented the truth and attempted to convince Missouri voters who trust him that this amendment is good for the state. Now, a coalition of diverse religious communities are calling his hand on this fraudulent sales pitch, and he stands to lose credibility and stature. Missourians do not respond well to being misled. While slick ads are being aired hourly across Missouri, saying that the religious community has a divided view on this amendment, the truth is the leaders of virtually every major denomination in the state have come out against this wicked proposal.

I take no joy in speaking out against a man who devoted most of his adult life to public service, but this frontal attack on values voters cannot go unchallenged.

My recommendation to the leaders of the Republican Party is to separate from so-called moderate Republicans, who, like their Democratic counterparts, embrace secular humanism and reject absolute truth. When the Republican Party leadership embraces its own national platforms and begins to stand courageously for Judeo-Christian values, they will find that many more values voters will rally to their banner. And perhaps then, politicians like John Danforth will have a conversion and see the way home to the faith of their fathers. Christians from both parties, as well as the millions who don't participate at all, are waiting and praying for a party to arise that will unashamedly stand for traditional values.

--Rick Scarborough is founder and president of Vision America, an organization whose mission is to "inform and mobilize pastors and their congregations to become salt and light, becoming pro-active in restoring Judeo-Christian values in America

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