Monday, November 13, 2006

East Texas Hate Watch -W.N. Otwell

A Phelps protege, this Baptist preacher runs a church cult in Mt. Enterprise, Texas..just up the road from his friend Rev. Rick Scarborough

W.N. Otwell, pastor of God Said Ministries in Mt. Enterprise, Texas, has attended UBF conferences and, according to Dixon, is deeply involved in the movement. Otwell believes that "God uses the white race as leaders," and "the black race ... is a servitude people."

Explaining the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing as "God's payback" for the deaths of Branch Davidians after a standoff with federal agents in Waco, Texas, Otwell once said: "God did not mind killing a bunch of women and kids. God talks about slaughter! 'Don't leave one suckling! Don't leave no babies! Don't leave nothing! Kill them! Destroy them!'"

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