Thursday, November 09, 2006

Response to Rev. Rick Scarborough's Post Election Analysis

Did all these right wing nutcase preachers have a big conference call and decide to spread the insane notion that Republicans lost the elections en masse this week because they were too liberal and UNGODly?

Might there be a way Rev. Rick where we could knock some sense into your big narrow minded head?
Voters overwhelmingly rejected (1)this War that you so adamently support. Voter are sick and tired also of (2)the extremist Christian leadership's assault on America(3) your mean spirited and constant Gospel of Hate speech directed at LGBT people, an(4) your lobbying for legislation we do not neeed in America.

Before you blame Republican leadership or the President for not doing more to further your Hate Agenda and Assault on America, why not head to the nearest mirror and check out a major reason why Democrats are now in charge. I think much of your patriot pastor membership and your value voters coalition have finally started to see you and your group as the hypocrites that you are. The tragic Pastor

Further, why was there such a huge voter turnout of young Americans voting for Democrats this year? Same story. You are not men of God in their eyes, you are the definition of the word Hypocrite. They associate Baptists as homophobic, intolerant,and borderline pathetic.

Republicans were slaughtered this week sir in large part because of the guy you see in the mirror and all and your friends, like father of the year Alan Keyes and James Dobson and Janet Folger and James Kennedy and Pastor Ted and Ralph Reed and Tom Delay and Ms. Delay and Exodus and the AFA and Bishop Wellington and Justice Sunday and WN Otwell and Roy Moore and the Christian Coalition and Fred Phelps and the KKK and the Texas GOP and Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberson, etc etc.

Your Vision for America has been overwhelmingly rejected Rev. Rick Scarborough. Enough is Enough!

Today's email blast from - Rev. Rick Scarborough's. [take a deep breath first![

Rick Scarborough Special Report - Decision 2006 (clicklinkabove)

Rick Scarborough

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