Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This may be a Rick Scarborough First

I do not think I have ever seen an email or Rick Scarborough post which does NOT bash gay and lesbians...all he wants here is your money and a prayer. Progress?

Monday, October 30, 2006
Message from Rick Scarborough:
When I hear a cry for help I have to respond.

Vision America has been working hard in Missouri for the past few
months and we have been seeing incredible response from ministers
across the state. We are seeing the pulpits of this state ringing
forth with a declaration of truth; motivating Christians to get
involved and to make a difference.

In the midst of our work South Dakota cried out for help!

And we answered!

Missouri is in the national spotlight as a deceptive cloning amendment
is being foisted on its citizens by special interest groups with deep
pockets, and the key to protecting unborn children from exploitation
is Christians.

South Dakota is also fighting for the protection of the unborn and
attempting to stop the genocide that takes place under legalized

When I return to South Dakota this weekend to speak alongside Alan
Keyes and Dr. James Dobson, this will be the third trip I will have
made into the state.

So now I am asking you for help, above and beyond your current
support, and pray that you will respond.

Click here to help now!


We did not budget for our work in South Dakota and we need your help
in meeting the needs that have arisen.

I know if you could, you would be on the ground with me in Missouri
and South Dakota. Vision America allows you to be there! Vision
America allows you to make a difference in the key battles our nation
is facing!

As a partner, as a friend, I need your help.

Your donation of any amount will help. No matter how much you can
give, every donation makes a difference. And every donation goes
directly to saving the life of an unborn child and allows us to
prepare for the next battle our nation will face.

Additionally, thanks to a matching grant, your donation is doubled
immediately. Your donation will make a huge impact. Please take action
today by clicking here.


Thank you for your support, especially to those who give every month.
Maybe the next battle is in your state, and the next cry for help will
come from you. Vision America needs your support so that we can


Thank you,

Rick Scarborough

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