Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Taught to Hate? You decide

Below is a great story written by Rev. Irene Monroe for The Advocate. I know nothing about why Anne Coulter is such a mega bitch hurling hate speech daily. (Yes Ann I am offended when you say "fag" and next time you come to my town I will remind you. As for Tequila Mel Gibson (what an idiot) --I read that his father is one of those crazies who thinks the Holocaust didnt happen. I agree with Joan Rivers - we don't need ya.

Here is an excerpt from the great article on Hate Speech:

Hate speech is not a passive form of public speech. And one of the signs of an intolerant society is its hate speech, whether used jokingly or intentionally, aimed at specific groups of people. When this form of verbal abuse becomes part and parcel of the everyday parlance between people, we have created a society characterized by its zero-tolerance of inclusion and diversity, where name-calling becomes an accepted norm.
Lately this Republican political era of "compassionate conservatism" has brought forward an unabashed no-holds-barred attitude when it comes to passionate invective hurled at queers, African-Americans and Jews.