Saturday, October 21, 2006

Homophobe Sen. Tom Colburn's

Hypocracy 101.

Add Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is a Homophobic Hypocrite. This clown is one of the most right wing nut Senators on the Hill. I remember my good friend Hannah flying out from D.C. (she is a lobbyist) to help his (unsuccessful) opponent in the last election. He won, gay people lost. His anti gay rhetoric is sometimes hard for me to stomach. Keep in mind that this is a fundie Christian physician turned politico who made the statement that "condoms work about fifty percent of the time," who feels that PWA in San Francisco have "too many options," and suffers from Falwell foot in mouth syndrome.

I hate to think that my sister and her beautiful children must live in a state like Oklahoma which is represented by this wacko Republican.

This outing of Roland Foster today at BlogActive's Mike Rodgers is justified! You guys go find someone (anyone) to work for where your daily job doesnt negatively impact your own community. It may be hard to replace that $102,000 salary Roland Foster but your outing might help future generations of GLBT youth/people.

A ZERO scorecard from the Human Rights Campaign is pathetic Senator Coburn. Your hate speech directed at gay and lesbians is unconscionable.

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