Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RNC's Ken Mehlman -- Gay?

So is Ken Mehlman the next Republican closet case to be outed? Considering his praise for Delay, I say if you have information....now is the time to show the lunacy and hypocracy of the Republican Party.

Check out the video and BlogActive's questions to Mr. Republican.

From a Chris Matthews interview with Tom Delay
MATTHEWS: Ken Mehlman, the chairman of your party, said something pretty nice about you
tonight and I think you’d have to respond to it:
“The essence of leadership is not just coming up with good ideas, it’s making those good ideas happen. For the past two decades, Tom DeLay has tirelessly and successfully transformed very important ideas into very successful laws. Conservative legislation from welfare reform and a balanced budget, to tax relief, education reform and a ban on partial-birth abortion all bear the signature of Tom DeLay.”
DELAY: Well, that’s very nice to say, but there were a lot of other Republicans that did that too.

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