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UCC's Rev. John Thomas Blasts Idiot Tony Perkins

Well God Bless America a Rev. makes the news and blasts Family Research Council's Tony Perkins. Tony is a shithead homophobic asshole spreading lies and misinformation about gays and lesbians on a daily basis.

Press Release from United Church of Christ's Rev. John Thomas.

In Wake of Foley Scandal, United Church of Christ Leader Criticizes Family Research Council's Perkins for Attacking Gays, Lesbians

10/5/2006 2:44:00 PM


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CLEVELAND, Oct. 5 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The leader of the 1.2- million-member United Church of Christ is condemning remarks by Tony Perkins, president of the right-wing Family Research Council, who is using the Mark Foley congressional scandal to scapegoat the larger gay and lesbian community.

"Perkins recent remarks are destructive to gay and lesbian persons and their families and distract the nation's attention from the real issue at hand, which is protecting young people from sexual predators," said the Rev. John H. Thomas, the UCC's general minister and president.

On October 2, Perkins issued a statement claiming "the real issue" in the Foley scandal was a "link between homosexuality and child sexual abuse." On Oct. 3, Perkins made similar accusations on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," where he likened homosexuals with "sexual deviants."

Thomas said the former congressman's sexual orientation should not be part of the public debate. The American Psychological Association, in addition to numerous other reputable medical and scientific groups, has found that "gay men are no more likely than heterosexual men to perpetrate child sexual abuse."

"To suggest that gay and lesbian persons should be barred from public service, as Perkins has implied, is akin to suggesting that white, straight males should be kept out of politics because of Bill Clinton's sexual misdeeds," Thomas said. "To attach this debate to sexual orientation is not only ludicrous, it's dangerous. Many gay and lesbian persons serve honorably in public office."

"If anything, this nation's culture of silence with respect to gay and lesbian people has taught us that hiding, shame and denial, as in Foley's case, are not healthy ways to live as a gay or lesbian person - not for them as individuals and not for us as a society," Thomas said.

Thomas also called for a full investigation into the unfolding scandal, saying the nation deserves to know if congressional leaders attempted to cover up for the sake of preserving political power.

"As we say in the church, those who care for young people must be committed to creating an 'envelope of safety,' where the systems of care include levels of accountability and oversight," Thomas said. "There must be a full investigation by the Congress, not only into Mark Foley but how the leadership handled reports of his behavior."

Thomas said the church's support of the gay and lesbian community is in keeping with its concern for the safety and well- being of young people.

"In the United Church of Christ, we have encountered this nation's culture of silence and shame with a distinctive Christian message about the need for "extravagant welcome," Thomas said. "And with that message of 'extravagant welcome' comes an attentiveness to the safety and security of children."

The Rev. Robert Chase, executive director of the UCC's Office of Communication, Inc., the church's historic media watchdog group, said the mainstream media should also be scrutinized for how it is reporting on the scandal.

"One of the tragic elements in the recent incident involving Mark Foley is the way the media give credence to those who make the unfortunate, salacious and inaccurate leap that Mr. Foley's behavior is rooted in his sexual orientation." Chase said. "Such characterization slanders an entire group of citizens and fuels the forces of suspicion and division that plague our country."

The United Church of Christ, formed in 1957 with the union of the Congregational Christian Church in American and the Evangelical and Reformed Church, has more than 5,600 congregations across the United States. The UCC's national offices are in Cleveland, Ohio.


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