Friday, October 27, 2006

[UNHOLY] Rev. Rick Scarborough Moronic Quote #10135

From Creative Loafing/Atlanta

The Rev. Rick Scarborough, an influential Texas Baptist preacher and founder of the pro-war, pro-GOP Patriot Pastors, declared in March that the deposed House majority leader "was a target for all those who despise the cause of Christ."

Armageddon for the Religious Right? full> Creative Loafing Atlanta
They've climbed to the top of Mount Power. But from here on out, it may be all downhill for America's ayatollahs.
Published 05.24.06

On Feb. 22, inside a Clark Atlanta University auditorium, Christianity girded its loins with faith, anointed itself with righteousness and went forth to do battle with, well, Christianity.
It wasn't quite a Tim LaHaye vision of the final conflict at Mount Megiddo. There was no thunderbolt-wielding Christ bloodily massacring gays, Jews, Muslims and billions of others who failed to meet Pat Robertson's criteria for salvation. But the scene wasn't pretty.

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