Wednesday, October 25, 2006

'Ex-Gay' Group Draws Fire From Allies

Rick Scarborough of Vision America spreads lies and misinformation about the gay and lesbian (GLBT) community the same way that the EX GAY group "NARTH" does....using false or fabricated research. Looks like some of the NARTH friends have said ENOUGH is ENOUGH.
(excerpt:)LA TIMES

'Ex-Gay' Group Draws Fire From Allies
Backers raise concerns about online postings. One advocated ridicule of nonconforming children; the other seemed to justify slavery.
By Stephanie Simon, Time Staff Writer
October 15, 2006

The National Assn. for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality positions itself as a scientific group dedicated to helping gay men and lesbians shed same-sex attractions and realize their "heterosexual potential."
Its statements routinely outrage gay-rights activists. But two commentaries posted online in recent months by members of NARTH's scientific advisory committee have raised concerns among its closest allies as well.

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