Sunday, October 22, 2006's Roy Cohn Awards

I love Mike Roger's blogsite! Check out the left margin which lists all the important folks in D.C. who are GLBT, probably closeted, and could be labeled as hypocrites. His latest outing was the Legislative Director for Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahama. Gay people are everywhere! Gay people are working in the offices of some of the TOP TEN Homophobic legislators in D.C, pushing legislation for their boss to further the extreme right wing agenda, and hurting the GLBT community with continued hate rhetoric.

While in college I had the great opportunity to work for Congressman Jack Brooks of Beaumont, Texas. Congressman Brooks (D) was in Congress for decades, was liberal, and was probably one of the best Congresspersons EVER in regards to servicing his constituent requests. I know that Jack Brooks would have had a very high scorecard from the Human Rights Campaign and would not have been afraid to tell some of the religious extremist lobbyist to take a hike.

Congressmen Brooks took me to a lot of lunches where I found myself eating with some of the most important legislators of the eighties. I just loved it of course, as much as the Congressman loved telling his fellow Congressmen that I was on the staff for the summer and my daddy was a big Republican in his district.

Rev. Rick Scarborough often claims credit for helping retire Jack Brooks. More later on the reputation Rev. Rick's buddie who is frequently seen on the Worst Ever Congressman Lists-Steve Stockman. Thanks Congressman Brooks for being a true leader and friend.

Senator Coburn, so what do you do now knowing that a "homo" has infultrated your office?

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Out them all, I agree!