Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rosie Was Right!

Rosie was right that the American Taliban (right wing preachers like Rick Scarborough) are just as dangerous as the other Taliban. They may not be strapping bombs to their chests and blowing up the local HRC dinner or a gay pride group, but their continued assault and hate speech directed toward GLBT people is no different.

If the Muslim community in the U.S.A. agrees with this guy, I say dont let the door hit you in the ass. We don't need any more religious extremism in America, or in the World.

From (excerpt)
Killing gay men is OK, says British imam
published Monday, October 23, 2006

The leading imam in Manchester, England, confirms that he thinks the execution of sexually active gay men is justified, the rights group Outrage reported.
Arshad Misbahi of the Manchester Central Mosque confirmed his views in a conversation to John Casson, a local psychotherapist.

Casson said: "I asked him if the execution of gay Muslims in Iran and Iraq was an acceptable punishment in Sharia law, or the result of culture, not religion.

"He told me that in a true Islamic state, such punishments were part of Islam: If the person had had a trial, at which four witnesses testified that they had seen the actual homosexual acts."

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