Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Boycott Right Wing Businesses

I find it interesting that thse boneheads at AFA want to boycott everyone who does anything gay-friendly. Fortunately, that is most business today. (Ford, Target, WalMart, American Airlines, Starwood, P and G, Disney) Since gay and lesbians are currently the "darlings of the travel industry," here is some advice:

-Do not stay at a Drury Inn - anywhere...for any reason. (Not that you might for some reason decide to stay at a "drury" verses the local W Hotel by Starwood.

Drury's CEO is making the stump circuit with Rev. Rick Scarborough. No more dreary, Drury Hotels, folks.

1. Drury Hotels
2. Chic Fil A be continue.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How funny. The worst hote experience of my life was at a Drury Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri last year. Talk about a lack of customer service there. I already am boycotting DRURY!!!

-A straight girl