Saturday, October 07, 2006

Piety and Politics

Piety & Politics The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom

Read the latest book by one of our favorite authors, our own
Rev. Barry W. Lynn.

Piety & Politics is available at book stores, or save more than 30% off the regular price when you order from

What people are saying about Piety & Politics:

“The rise of the Religious Right as a political force has placed the separation of church and state at grave risk. Perhaps never before in American history has a liberty so important been so imperiled. Piety & Politics offers a compelling analysis of both the gravity of the danger and the hypocrisy behind it that fanaticism is being practiced by the very people whose faith counsels tolerance. The Reverend Barry Lynn is a shining example of what it truly means to be an American of faith.”
-- Kate Michelman, former president, NARAL Pro-Choice America

“Piety & Politics summons the silent among us to rise up and, with a firm voice, support the constitutional separation of church and state. Barry Lynn reminds us that our own one-of-a-kind founding document is a powerful stiff arm against the tyranny of the righteous, the “called,” who insist on writing your child’s biology textbooks, public funding of private schools, placing Jesus on the wall of public buildings, condemning homosexuals, disallowing choice in family planning, and working every day to reestablish America as a nation of one faith, theirs.”
-- Phil Donahue

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Pick up a copy of Piety & Politics and discover again why we are all working so hard to safeguard separation of church and state.

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