Monday, October 02, 2006

I 'll Bid a Dime!

Suggestion: Buy a Book, Read it, then toss it your fireplace this winter.

Book: Enough is Enough by Jerry Falwell, Jr aka Rick Scarborough

Current Cost on Amazon : 0.25 cents
Current Value: ZERO

Synopis: Unsigned copy of Gospel of Hate's [so called] "Christian" Texas Baptist megachurch reverened leader turned jetset politico with $100,000 plus salary from his Liberty, Texas based "Vision America." Book was distributed free to all Southern Baptist ministers a few years ago before they voted not to elect this clown to a leadership position. Reportedly funding for Vision America comes from extremist right wingers like Falwell, cult leader Rev. Moon and friends. Book is full of fabricated lies about gay and lesbian people, false Visions for America, and the separation of church and state.

Buyer Strategies 1. Wait til the book drops to a dime 2. Spend a quarter and buy now and read why it is important to say no to the hate speech of the extreme religious right 3. Email the Amazon seller and bid a penny 4.Mail a copy to RS's blow buddy Tom Delay and his thief wife Ms. Tom Delay at their new mansion in Virgina.

Expose the Gospel of Hate of Rev. Rick Scarborough and Vision America.

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