Thursday, January 25, 2007

Deb Price on Don't Ask Don't Tell -

Amazing Editorial by the amazing Deb Price on Don't Ask Don't Tell. Click here to read it

Prediction. In the next few years expect a reversal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell!"

As completely insulting as it is to gay folks to choose a time when we in the middle of a war with a tab approaching a trillion dollars and body bags stacking up on every street corner in Baghdad , the time is now to end the ridiculous Clinton era shaft and official "thanks for your support"" legislation "don't ask don't tell just lie" in the military.

The millions we have spent driving out some of our country's most neeeded, talented, and highly educated linguists (a very high percentage who happen to be gay or lesbian!) is nothing short of shameful.

Of course this will drive the religious extremist nuts like Rev. Rick Scarborough at Lufkin, Texas based Vision America and James Dobson crazy - it might even cause nutbag Rev. James Kennedy at Coral Ridge Ministries to blow a heart valve down in Fort Lauderdale --but rest assured when the going gets tough the military just might realize that soldiers are soldiers, and being forced to lie about who you are is not way to start any job anywhere.


See :Servicemembers Defense League Website

Sign: Lift the Ban Petition

Chicago Tribune Editorial:

The Chicago Tribune called for an end to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," saying, "Most measures that could be taken to add more troops would take several years to make a difference. By that time it's not at all clear we'll need them. But eliminating "don't ask, don't tell" would have an impact right away. And it would remove, finally, the cruel and unfair burden placed on gay patriots who are forced to lie about who they are for the privilege of serving their country."

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