Monday, January 15, 2007

Giuliani's Primary Hurdle -

Get ready for the mudslinging fellow Americans. I just can't wait. Scarborough is such an idiot clown that every time he opens his mouth the World laughs. Preachers spreading all that hate and division isn't well received by most of us voters with real Values.

Go Rick Go! More Press Releases! More Online Petitions! Recruit More Patriot Pastors! Hunt For One More Value Voter! Stir Up Your Homophobic Hate Group Members!! Peek in Our Windows! Erect A New Monument for Jesus! Beat Up A Muslim! Crank up your PR and Image Departments at Vision America.

All we ask of you Rev. Rick Scarborough is that continue to say stupid things, wear ugly purple ties, oppose stem cells, and bash those homos. You and your goals for a "Christian Nation" are helping many Americans pack up their bags and run at full speed to the DNC.

Faster Pussycat!

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Giuliani's Primary Hurdle -

"If the Republican Party wants to send the social conservatives home for good, all they have to do is nominate Rudy Giuliani,' said Rick Scarborough, a Southern Baptist minister and president of Vision America. 'It's an insult to the pro-Christian agenda. . . . He's going to spend a lot of money finding he can't get out of the Republican primaries.'"

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Anonymous said...

social conservative = Constitutional idiots = homophobes = hate crimes. Personally I will just keep on voting for tolerance in my America....thanks!