Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where is the Outrage? [ right here !]

The unholy Rev. Rick Scarborough of Lufkin, Texas based Vision America did get mention in this blogpost, check it out for yourself... We agree, is how perfectly worded!

Serves them right. And don’t blame our President. It’s moments like these
that make me think the church is dead. Oh, it will go on baptising people,
holding revivals, expressing outrage at the private, consensual actions of
individuals that have no direct bearing on their own rights to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness, there will be more Justice Sundays, there will be more
Christian self help best sellers, there will be new and bigger mega churches,
their leaders will continue to hold the Republican Party and the rest of us
hostage to its narrow and bigoted agenda, and on and on. But the church’s heart
and soul, or the lack thereof, is being exposed, subordinated to the demands and
ambitions of conservative politics, commercial empire, and “doctrinal purity”.
Maybe David Brooks will eventually be proven right, that last week was a tipping
point, a deciding moment in the future of the country’s politics, a seminal
event in this nation’s summer of discontent, a symbol of the growing dis-ease in
the country. But if our churches are any indication, the result won’t be a
progressive revival and maybe not even a “centrist” establishment. And that
leaves some other alternatives that I’d rather not contemplate.

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