Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rick Scarborough calls Stem Cell Research "Cloning to Kill"

Rick titled his book "Liberalism Kills Kids" --so now Liberals and Stem Cells Kill Kids?

Or, might it just be possible sir that you are killing our kids, or our kids future kids? Yes you Rev. Rick Scarborough and Vision America in Lufkin, Texas and other misguided parents of the extremist, fundamentalist, new Texas GOP, holy roller, SBC Baptists, preachers who fail to support medical research persuasion. Yes, stem cell research just might someday soon save a life of a kid.

With all respect to my dad and especially my mom who hates this phrase "JUST SHUT UP!" One of the most promising studies to save future humans of the terminal horrible cancer which afflicts him involves embryonic stem cells.

[ quote below from Rick Scarborough Vision America update at visionamerica.us ]

"New York Governor George Pataki and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani both are pro-abortion. Senator John McCain says he’s pro-life, but wants taxpayers to finance embryonic stem-cell research (AKA: cloning-to-kill)."

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