Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mainstream Baptist on Rick Scarborough

Richard Land and Richard Rick Scarborough =narrow minded bigot lobbyists

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"Underwood was reponding to criticisms by Richard Land and Rick Scarborough who have tried to discredit the New Baptist Covenant by charicaturizing it is as a movement within the Democratic party rather than as a movement within the Kingdom of God.

Land and Scarborough were both leading organizers of efforts to take over
the SBC. They were also leading organizers of efforts by the Religious Right to
take over the GOP. The Religious Right has taken over the GOP. Land and
Scarborough are both leading organizers of thinly disguised get-out-the-vote campaigns for Republican candidates. It is natural for Land and Scarborough to
equate movements of Baptists with secular politics. They have been doing it for
more than thirty years.

Carter has been working to unify Baptists for years. SBC leaders have often
been participants in dialogue sessions with Carter discussing that goal in the
past. Carter's desire for Baptist unity has nothing to do with secular politics.

Bill Clinton is a Baptist, a fact that SBC leaders readily acknowledged when they were calling for his church to exercise discipline over him for marital infidelity during his presidency.

Long before Clinton got involved, SBC leaders made it clear that they have no concern for Baptist unity. Instead, they incessantly deny the spiritual
fidelity of any and all Baptists who do not share their goal of unifying the GOP around the "Christian Nationalist" political agenda of the Religious

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