Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rev's Otwell Rick Scarborough Connection

Rev. W. N. Otwell is an East Texas kook racist preacher from Mt. Enterprise, Texas. His cult family stands with Fred Phelps at many funerals, etc. So what is the W. N. Otwell connection to Rev. Rick Scarborough other than they live a few miles apart from each other?
1. They both are preachers
2. They both are Baptists
3. They both preach hate
4. They both oppose stem cell research
5. They both live in East Texas
6. They attend, organize, and are arrested at each others' ten commandments rallies.
7. They both are UN-Christian

The Otwell clan (might we say cult!?) was arrested at the Rev. Rick Scarborough Vision America rally in Alabama to support their mutual buddy and fellow idiot Roy Moore. Click the link for more information on their crazy ideas in the blog post titled "Hating in the Name of God." It is excellent.

Link here

"Four days after the Oklahoma City bombing, at a national Christian Identity gathering in Missouri, W.N. Otwell, who runs an armed compound in east Texas, spoke. "You go look in the Old Testament," he said. "God did not mind killing a bunch of women and kids. God talks about slaughter! Don't leave one suckling! Don't leave no babies! Don't leave nothing! Kill them!" Sadly, he's quite correct; that is indeed God's message."


Exposing the Hate Rev. Rick Scarborough of Lufkin Texas based Vision Ameria.

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