Monday, January 29, 2007

Rick Scarborough Has It Wrong Again

Or, maybe Rick misrepresents his numbers! Considering his pathetic website ranking numbers on, that would be my guess. Or, maybe mainstream Christian America is a little more liberal than he thinks. They are just sick and tired of this new push for preachers to stop doing good things for the world and get into politics/ form another non-profit company/ overpay themselves / hire a public image departement. Maybe guys like Rick Scarborough should just shut up and go back to their narrow minded SBC Baptist Churches and concentrate on their Bibles....or go feed the homeless in America, or go teach the World about the Jesus Christ the rest of us know and appreciate. Just go away Rick Scarborough, shut the doors of your Vision America in Lufkin, stop preaching hatred, and take a pay cut and live off less than the hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and benefits and cars you pay yourself while preaching this Gospel of Hate!
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Rick Scarborough, a key organizer of politically-charged “Patriot Pastors,” claimed
Bush was beholden to the Religious Right to take up their causes:
While the president spoke, I couldn’t help but groan inwardly as I reflected on the
squandered opportunities of the past six years of a "conservative" majority. As
he concluded his remarks with “God Bless,” it dawned on me that the speech
didn’t contain even a passing reference to the issues that sent millions of
Christians to the polls in 2000, 2002 and 2004 - making Bush a two-term
president and giving his party a majority in Congress for six years - the first
time in more than half-a-century that Republicans controlled the presidency and
both Houses of Congress. Whatever else they voted for….Values Voters did not
turn out in past elections so their concerns could be ignored the day after the
election. Is it any wonder that so many us stayed home last November?

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