Thursday, January 11, 2007

Paul's Murderers To Be Released In Texas

Sadlly, Two of the killers of Paul are going to be released soon - after only fifteen years in a Texas prison - apparently both are Mexicans and not US Citizens. Since the religious right is so crazy on deporting all Mexican illegals immediately, how about if you and your militias and your border defense clubs start with two of the Murderers of Paul Broussard ?

After fifteen years in Texas prison these two brothers will be released -- since they are not U.S. Citizens lets send their ass packing to Mexico the very day they hit the exit door at the Penitentiary. Maybe had we enforced immigration laws in the first place they wouldn't have been in Texas in the first place.

Alert Lou Dobbs - Call ICE - Write Your Texas Congressperson -Do Something. ACT UP

Two men convicted in 1991 gay killing about to be paroled
Mother of victim requests photos of inmates
HOUSTON (AP) Jan 5, 11:29 AM

The impending parole of two of the people convicted in the 1991 gang beating and stabbing death of a gay banker has prompted the victim's mother to ask for current photos of the men.

Nancy Rodriguez said she wanted the photos so she will be able to recognize them if they should come to her door.

"To be honest with you, I fear for the safety of my family," she said in a story in Friday's Houston Chronicle.

Paul Broussard was 27 when he and two friends were attacked as they left a gay nightclub in the Montrose area of Houston. His friends escaped with minor injuries. Broussard was beaten, kicked and stabbed to death.

Ten teens from The Woodlands were convicted in his death. Five received probation and one has since completed his sentence.

Jaime Aguirre, 34, and his brother, Javier Aguirre, 32, are set to be released later this month. They face deportation to Mexico upon their release but Rodriguez fears they could return to this country. Leandro Ramirez, 32, is to be released on parole in March. Jon Buice, who was sentenced to 45 years, faces a parole hearing in October.

Michelle Lyons, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said Rodriguez will be given the photos she requested.

"We release such photos all the time," she said.

Rodriguez, who now lives in Georgia, has testified at numerous parole hearings in efforts to keep Broussard's attackers in prison.

Andy Kahan, crime victim advocate for the mayor's office, said the Aguirres had been kept in prison as long as possible.

"They were sentenced to 15 years, and they've just about maxed out their time — same with Ramirez," he said.

Gay prison activist Ray Hill said he is trying to stop the Aguirres' deportation.

I know them and I've come to learn that they are not homophobic," Hill said. "I am a gay man; they are friends of mine."

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