Friday, August 25, 2006
::::::great website. great awarenesss campaign. that sixty minutes story. truth, facts, real research. be sure to see the ad spots with norman the dog that moos! ...they are really fun!

colorado springs, meet norman

Extremist homophobe Baptist preacher turned politico Rev. Rick Scarborough leads Lufkin, Texas based Vision America. His Gospel of Hate group sits slightly to the left of Fred Phelps, but spreads the same hate message to restrict the freedoms of GLBT Americans, women, youth, researchers, and non Christians. We're exposing the hate message of Rev. Rick Scarborough, his Dominionist fundamentlist allies claiming to be "Christian," and the implications for ou Country and our World. Stop your hate Rick Scarborough!

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Anonymous said...

double "Amen"

This guy is just a complete idiot. I too am from East Texas, and I am embarassed.