Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Braves DISinvite Focus

It is not time for all of American to join the Braves Organization and label Dr. James Dobson and his Focus on the Family group as unchristian and anti-gay focused? (or obsessed, rather!)

Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family feeds Lufkin's [UNHOLY] Rev. Rick Scarborough and his "Vision America" organization a lot of false information about gay people. Both organizations spend more time gay bashing than they do working on families or Visions for mainstream America.

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Atlanta Braves DinInvites Focus on the Family

"Focus on the Family was on the team that promoted Major League Baseball’s first “Faith Days” event at Turner Field July 27, but the Atlanta Braves now say the anti-gay group headed by James Dobson is no longer part of its lineup.
“We have asked the promoter [Nashville-based Third Coast Sports] to not include Focus on the Family in our other two Faith Day events,” Beth Marshall, Braves spokesperson, said Aug. 1. “We do not feel it is an appropriate connection for Focus on the Family to be part of this event.”"


Why the Braves Organization "gets it" - and the AFA doesn't? Planting the seed for a more accepting and tolerant community takes work. Almost five years to the week this announcement was made by the Braves Organization. The full credit here really needs to go to two leaders who CAME OUT and introduced the Braves to Gay Atlanta (and America!) Thank you Margie Archer and Ray Hom of Atlanta, Georgia. Ray, thanks also for allowing Margie to throw the first pitch! Atlanta may not have won the bid for the Gay Games for 2006, but we all got a reminder last week of how important hard work and the simple act of Coming Out to those who do not know can be ....
  • My Personal Flashback from Five Summers Ago

DATE: Wednesday, August 8, 2001
LOCATION: Turner Field
Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros
Attended the Atlanta Games, Inc. "Gay and Lesbian Night at Turner Field" with a group of four friends and sat in a great box at Turner Field. It was a magical fun night in Atlanta. The Atlanta Games, Inc. (AGI) is the committee organizing Atlanta's bid for the Gay Games VII in 2006-the international Olympics of the gay community. AGI (, in cooperation with the Atlanta Braves, purchased 3,000 tickets in an effort to highlight support in Atlanta for the Gay Games bid. Representatives of the Federation of Gay Games have been in Atlanta all week, hosted by AGI, to review venues and the cultural scene before one of the four competing sites is selected. Atlanta is competing with Chicago, Los Angeles and Montreal for the 2006 Games.

This is the first time a major league baseball team has hosted a "Gay Night". With the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus singing the national anthem, and Margie Archer throwing the ceremonial opening pitch, tonight's event was easily the "Who's Who" event of the month in Atlanta's gay scene.

  • Thanks to the Braves.

Other than the Ralph Reed retirement party, this last six months has been nothing but bad news for GLBT people living in Georgia (in my opinion) Including: FMA, Cathy Cox (dumbass), Mark Taylor (fatass), Governor (ass), legislation to roadblock Georgia's Gay Straight Alliances. Georgia Tech's bigoted little Indian girl/Bible thumper, etc etc.)

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