Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just Shut Up.

Dear Rev. Rick Scarborough:

Your email blast of today was a real winner! What an clown. As usual, chocked full of Christian fanatic agenda initiatives, a porn scare, pleas for money as always, and anti stem cell crap. You go Notice that everything you touch lately turns sour?

I am sure Senator Frist will find a way to thank you for your comment about his bogus charity. Yes, his charity was a fraud...but so are the ones of all your heros, Tom Delay, etc.

And how dare you even go there in saying anything about AMFAR. Unlike your Vision America, AMFAR is run by a brilliant mind educated at a top research University with a PHD. (nothing from Bumbleweed Baptist or wherever you attended) They don't even claim to be Christians, but yet they do a better service for the World than your quacko Vision American, Inc. I'lll be happy to pull apart your IRS filing showing your $180,000 + + salary -- a big chucnk of the total dollars sent to you.

While I am at it, why have you and VA gone out to seek favorable ratings from any NON PROFIT watchdog rating website, or ANY Christian rating website?


I see a Better Business Burea banner on their site, where is your BBB approved rating from BBB and ? Not on , not on , not anywhere. So, why not zip your lips and mind you own little house/trailer/little World.

Politically Correct Diseases Pay Richly for all but the Diseased
The Washington Post recently reported that the U.N. vastly inflated the number of AIDS cases worldwide, especially in Africa. Since the time AIDS was diagnosed, the U.S. Government has spent $200 billion on AIDS. Despite all of this money, no cure or vaccine has been found. The Post followed with an editorial critical of the U.N. for exaggerating the AIDS problem, but it has not urged a reduction in global funding for the disease.

If you’re wondering why, that would be “Politically Incorrect!” In today’s world of political correctness, truth is always sacrificed on the altar of the current fad, whether in science or in medicine.
Edward C. Green, Senior Research Scientist at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, a member of the Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS, and a member of the board of, said that, for years, 'Calling attention to lower HIV infection rates in Africa can get one in trouble. One can be accused of not caring about Africans, about being in denial, or in extreme form, being a holocaust denier. In most reporting on African AIDS, there seems to be competition over who can paint the most catastrophic picture.'

Some of the money raised to fight AIDS has been spent on big salaries. Focusing on the American Federation for AIDS Research (AMFAR), the FAIR Foundation says total compensation for its officers, directors, as well as other salaries, wages, pension and employee benefits came to $5,442,557 in 2004. Its CEO had a total compensation package of $320,134. I’m in the wrong profession!

from the Rick Scarborough Report

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